Why is yellow the new iPhone?

Why is yellow the new iPhone?.There are many promising features are expected in the new iPhone: iOS 7 a completely new, a camera and processor quality and possibly even a fingerprint sensor for added security security.

Why is yellow the new iPhone
Why is yellow the new iPhone?

But there are also rumors about the latest eye-catching attraction of the next iPhone may appear with yellow tones. Maybe the traditional yellow.
According to the recent information on AllThingsD and iMore, the new iPhone may have white surface, the angle and the rear will be yellow. So far, the iPhone has silver, black and white, plus a wide range of color choices that cause skin problems for the iPhone 4 antenna.
Yellow AllThings D is described as a gold-tone “elegant” – think of champagne, not bullion.

If this information is correct, Apple may want their products as symbols of wealth. Part of Yellow iPhone can cause greater attention in countries like China and India, where Apple and Google are competing to become the dominant company in the smartphone market is still booming.
India and China accounted for 60% of the market and the global gold jewelry demand is rising, according to a recent report from the World Gold Council.
“Gold is a popular choice in many markets, especially in Asia where Apple is a growth objectives as stated, so it is seen as a logical step,” Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of luxury phone company Vertu said in an e-mail sent to CNN.
“Yellow is a color that is always in demand, even jewelry, watches or fashion. So this is a logical extension of the color range of Apple and meet market segment in particular mobile phones that Vertu has done. Despite this, gold is rarely used, “said Massimiliano Pogliani.

The yellow device was used to demonstrate the power and wealth for a long time before being put into mobile phones. In 1930 Pope Pius XI received a gift from America’s yellow rotary phone quite sure with pearl decoration. A U.S. phone company then donated to Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista of a gold-coated handset, the event was fictionalized in the novel “The Godfather: Part II”.
Although many experts in the United States now own a piece, but the iPhone is sleek appearance is still a symbol of wealth in many places. This demand creates a market for the fake iPhone, and Apple stores completely fake in China.
Many manufacturers have struggled in the past two decades to produce phones luxury must-have for those who want to show off wealth. Nokia has begun Vertu phone line in 1998, producing a series of devices that have metal and precious diamonds. The company’s most expensive handset is black and gold price of $ 334,000 have been framed by a snake diamond, ruby and emerald. Pogliani said Vertu customers are “the wealthy global citizens, with physical appearance” and as entrepreneurs. The largest market of this company is China.

To create a phone scratched, luxury retailer selling Stuart Hughes iPhone and BlackBerry and create a new shell for trendy handset gold, titanium and diamond. A Chinese businessman has purchased a $ 15 million handsets from Hughes. Results iPhone 5 is a sure gold phone with 600 diamonds, plus a 26 karat black diamond for the Home button.
But phones are not watches or sports cars. Rapidly outdated technology and equipment will be replaced by the model faster, smarter over the years. Faster development life cycle means that the big spending has left thousands of fashionable phones with beautiful 5 years ago but can not connect to the Internet.
Thus an iPhone gold may be a reasonable option for those who want to own the latest model and is still outstanding.
“It looks like Apple is completing a work of time, it may look like gold jewelry but like not castigate. I see if the rumors about the iPhone is the exact yellow would be a nice phone. And in my opinion this is the big trend for many years, “Hughes, maker of luxury equipment, said in an interview.

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