Watching videos offline in November with YouTube for Android

Watching videos offline in November with YouTube for Android. The team over at the YouTube Creators Blog have just announced that, in a few months, you will be able to watch your favorite videos offline, which seems like it will be a bonus for users and video makers alike.

Four weeks ago YouTube for Android was updated to version 5.0 which brought a new icon as well as in-app multitasking. Not just that, the user interface also received a huge redesign. Now it looks like YouTube will offer the possibility of watching videos offline.

youtube icons
The old icon on the left and the brand new one on the right. 

Presently when you are enjoying videos on your mobile device while on the go, this is always at the mercy of your mobile data plan or the possible Wi-Fi network in which you happen to be. As of November, YouTube will allow you to watch your videos offline, as long as you have saved them in your cache, though the length of time that it will be stored is not yet known. The only clue from YouTube Partners and Creators Blog about added videos on your device is as follows:

This upcoming feature will allow people to add videos to their device to watch for a short period when an Internet connection is unavailable.

Up until now, loaded videos stored in cache can be viewed at a later point, however you still need to be online.

Whether this new feature is in the works for a fee-based video and movie rental service a la iTunes is yet to be determined. In any case, November is just two months away and we will soon find out if more features will come with the impending update.

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