Vehicle Collision System / Repair / Push GTA V

Vehicle Collision System / Repair / Push GTA V

Vehicle Collision System + Vehicle Push 1.9 is a script that adds realism to the game GTA 5. If you get into an accident, someone might report the car number to the police. After that the car will be considered stolen, and the hunt begins. Also, this script mod changes the sound of the engine. The damage and injury level of health will decrease significantly, and the recovery will take time. The combination of several mods of the car after an accident can be repaired.

If you liked the script-Collision System Vehicle + Vehicle Push 1.9 for GTA 5, to download it you can the link on this page.

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Vehicle Collision System GTA V scripts Mod

How to customize your stupid mods,Hunk :D?

@User: Hunk,I want this setup, what do i change ?
SOME_BUTTON = (i Want my (Blue X) Xbox 360 Button)
SOME_BUTTON2 = (i Want my Left Xbox 360 Shoulder Button)
SOME_BUTTON3 = (i Want my Right Xbox 360 Shoulder Button)
SOME_BUTTON4 = (i Want my (Red B) Xbox 360 Button)
SOME_BUTTON5 = (i Want my (Green A) Xbox 360 Button)

Dear User, Just check in your GTA controller settings wich actions are assigned for these buttons.
For example: “Cance Phone Call” is assigned for “Xbox A” button,so you go in .ini file and check [CONTROL_VAR]
and look for INPUT_CELLPHONE_CANCEL witch have 177 number i belieave,so you set that 177 number to SOME_BUTTON after “=” instead of previous value



Replace all files
-Code optimization;
-Removed VictimReport module(For TrafficCameras big update,that will include all that stuff);
-Fixed issue with engine devastation from single bullet hit in car collision module;


– Added new scripthookv support;
– Improved/fixed vehicle repair and push functions;
– Added possibility to open/close bonnet with animation even if car is not broken;