Usesing Android not Chrome OS

As what happens with everything tech related nowadays, as soon as something comes out people take it apart and try and figure out what the device is all about on the inside. This is exactly what recently happened with the new Chromecast device from Google. Hackers have said that the new streaming device actually uses the Android OS instead of the Chrome one and to be more specific, a modified version of the Google TV release.


 At the recent unveiling of the new Google devices, the Mountain View based company said that the device runs a stripped down version of Chrome OS but the GTV hacker team seems to think otherwise.

“No, it’s not. We had a lot of internal discussion on this, and have concluded that it’s more Android than ChromeOS. To be specific, it’s actually a modified Google TV release, but with all of the Bionic / Dalvik stripped out and replaced with a single binary for Chromecast”

Chromecast made apps should be coming to the platform too. HBO Go, Pandora, Songza and many more are said to be readying their launch on this device, so although functionality is still a little bit limited right now it will be getting much better in the coming weeks and months.

If you actually managed to get your hands on the Chromecast device, which is very much in demand at the moment, you are able to root it but do so at your own risk of course. The Chromecast is a device in its infancy right now so you wont be able to install apk files on it at the moment but best believe more functionality is coming very soon.


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