[Tutorial] Root Nokia X2: SuperSU, installGoogle Play Success

[Tutorial] Root Nokia X2: SuperSU, install Google Play Store (Update: Google Play Success!)

Hello, After a period of research and as a result was able Root Nokia X2 success! I use TowelRoot method, just install and run the APK to finish.

Step by steps:

1. Download
Download TowelRoot: Link 1
Download SuperSU: Link 2

2.How  to Root:

  • Copy both the downloaded file to the machine on X2
  • On Nokia X2, running TowelRoot settings, then click on “make it rain” to root
  • Eu.chainfire.supersu.apk proceed with the installation, select Continue> Normal and reboot
  • Congratulations!

3. How to install Google Play?

  • Download the required libraries for Google Play here (version 1.1):
  • Link here
  • Unzip, copy the folder to your Nokia X2 TechRum_Google_Play_For_Nokia_X2
  • Root Explorer installed and running on the Nokia X2.
  • Conduct open TechRum_Google_Play_For_Nokia_X2 folder, copy all the files by checking on the icon and click Copy
  • Open the System folder> app the Root tab
  • Choose Copy Here and just select Yes if asked. Even when asked superuser rights, you just select Grant.
  • Nokia X2 reboot the phone.
  • Open Settings> Add account you will see it appear in Google. Proceed to Play Store and login as usual.