[ Tut ]Install Windows Phone 7 For HTC HD2

Install Windows Phone 7 For HTC HD2. Comments getting after 2 days WM7 on HD2-use battery test.

– Phone running smooth and stable. Being reboot one time, the reason: I use a range of 1 long (continuous 1h) to download xbox live, then edit avatar … just turn Wifi/3G.

– By 1 at pretty hot saw machine, so reboot.

– But then restart then run Outing, half were not. This situation is similar to when I was running WM6.5 and android. However, instead of rebooting the machine stand, to sport bin. The phenomenon occurs when the machine becomes very hot when using 3G to watch youtube, or use 3G/gps to download google map, gps do. I have to wait to cool down, then turn on the power.

– Battery Test: machines run 12 hours from a full charge until the battery is depleted. This is information that you install and use:


1. Install:
– Brightness: auto
– Email: all emails  set to sync 1 time for 1 day
– Location: on
– Weather: Updated 3 hours / 1 times
– Facebook app ..: disable all run under lockscreen
2. use
– Real wifi in 4 hours
– Enable 3G 12 h continuous
– On location continuously for 12 hours
– Listen to music: 8h constantly, listening with headphones, volume at 15
– Web: the web, facebook = 3G in about 1h15
– Call / sms: not there

Comments getting after 1 days WM7 on HD2-use.

– Stability: this is very tentative, last night, the machine reboot 3-4 times myself, today they do not have any time. Not known to be so by the rom or memory card. Being earn extra memory card to test
– Induction: claws, click, double tap, drag, drop very fast, responsive. As for multi-touch, pinch-to-zoom when viewing photos, surfing the web, you have to touch hold two fingers on the screen at one time

– Battery: much also equivalent android rom or consuming a little over 1
– Function call tel: good, loud and clear
– Sign Network: well, its waves are always full, much more time in android
– Radio: listen to good, clear
– 3G/WiFi: very good (for t-mobile which they are used), not failing bearing, full speed
– Camera: it was taken with flash blue lightning flash + image after image capture ^ ^! 720p video recording is ok, but I have not tried long video, just dial size <1 minute
– GPS: on the map to see it start good location, no GPS signal loss. There are strange in WM7, not that it separated the locate =: GPS and Mobile by the individual waves.
– Sound: loud, clear android. but all the way out to the speaker must draw being shy. ^ ^
– I own the hdh WM7: like the way it designed interface, completely different springs with iphone / android. However, the function must also add
– Windows Live services: after activating the settings app is very comfortable, fast, no matter what.

-Zune sync: perfect sync quick, simple, and quick backup.


Note (please read carefully before installing):
– Windows Live services can be activated only in those countries which have the support of microsoft custumer services (must call tel contact to ask for phone activation code ^ ^!)
– When installing window 7, it will reformat the memory card, the required back up your data before installing
– Window 7 will format the memory card in its own format, in addition to removing the memory card will damage memory, so if for some reason missed remove the memory card that is required to hard reset the machine.
– Is one of the memory card compatible with window 7 not so delicious or reboot the machine to run continuously is dependent on the memory card you are using
– Not now have a list of names / types of memory cards that fit window7, memory card is not appropriate. However, according to the majority of the original memory card comes with the phone with WM7 good use.

Window7 install for htc HD2

Format of the memory card so ago (maybe format = format function of window-not select quick format, or download sdformat soft-search google) how to install, you do not need to wait long to format the memory card.
– Download link here (wait 5 seconds, click skip ad)
– HSPL machine was 2:08 (6.5 through window box for instructions)
– Return the computer to the window 6.5 bootloader (power off, then power on while pressing the volume down button)
– The magldr folder, run updateromutility.exe (right click, select run as better administration)
– 1:12 magldr after flash is finished, the machine will boot into magldr menu, use the volume down button, scroll down and select 5: usb flasher
– Tel connect to the computer (if the computer is connected from the front then let it always). Check tel’re connected to computer
– The leo70_rom folder, run dwi.exe (select run as well as administration). Then wait
– First-time startup, you have to wait a long time for the computer to format the sd card. After the memory card format completion, will boot, not impatient. (If you format the memory card before the boot process will happen faster)
– Finally finished
– Function of the hard keys:

call button / green: Camera
home button: Search
menu button / win: home screen
arrow button / back: Back
button to turn off the call / Red: Sources

Format the memory card in the case did not want to use window 7
1. Download mini partitionwizard software here, and install
2. After installation, run partitionwizard, leaving the memory card, it will show your card divided into 2 drives: 1 drives 200MB, 1 drive the rest are unknown. Click on each drive, then click delete partition
3. After you delete the 2 drives, entire card will show as 1 drive with unknown format, click on the memory card in the partitionwizard window, right click, create => rename the memory card, select the format fat32 …
4. Then, click the icon [IMG] (apply) in the top bar of the window to make the request partitionwizard you set in step 2 and 3

How to hard reset the Phone when running window 7
1. power off
2. Turn power back on, the startup screen in step count is 1234, press the button and volume up + volume down until the screen appears the message
3. Press Volume down to hard reset


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