Top Tips: The Iphone Or An Android ?

Top Tips: The Iphone Or An Android ?


This is party due to aesthetics and partly due to functionality. There are so many apps that you can use nowadays and that are available on both operating systems people are looking at saving on cost rather than siding with the iphone purely for the apps you can download. This article will highlight the pros and cons of both and suggest where the future of the Smartphone is heading.


Obviously this is the most important point; the phone has to work very well and in an efficient and speedy manner. If you are a business, selecting the handset which has the quickest internet access will be of great benefit as opposed to one whose apps work really well. You have got to base your decisions on what you need.

Companies such as Made with Marmalade no have created cross platforms from which apps can work on both androids and I phone’s so that is no longer a worry. Ensuring your phone functions efficiently is the most important thing when selecting which handset and my advice is scan the internet and find the reviews of your product that you need. This will help you gain a better perspective about what the phones strengths and weaknesses are


This is a big thing for the majority of Smartphone users; it is the way they look that separates each type of handset. It is important that you do take this into account as the functionality and applications on offer don’t vary that much between each type of phone.

However it is also essential that u don’t just think about the way they look, they have got to be efficient and suit the purpose that you need. There are many phones out there that look great but don’t often pass the functionality test.

While look is important, you should pay more focus on what you what to use the phone for rather than simply that it looks like.

In addition, when choosing between the android and the Iphone, the opinion will be split as to which is better looking and thus it just comes down to personal preference on that day.

Don’t take other peoples opinions into account, if you are picking based on looks then go for the one you think is most attractive and will best suit your style.

Reliability and Cost

It is important that you don’t break the bank when getting your Smartphone. If you are planning on buying the handset outright then it’s essential that you work out which will be the most cost effective phone for what you need it for. Androids tend to be cheaper but an Iphone is much more socially sought and owned. It’s entirely up to you but make sure you research before purchase.

Andrew is an author who is really interested in modern technology. He has written for over 10 years about it and continues to do so.

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