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Minecraft, one of the best-selling indie games of the year (and it’s still in beta) is super fun to play and loaded with surprises. Designed by a game creator known online as Notch, Minecraft offers a open-world, sandbox game play style with a unique graphics feel. It’s priced relatively low, offers multiplayer access, and feels like the most creative game to come out in a long time. If you want to learn more about Minecraft, download special builds, recipes, and other strats for it, check out these top Minecraft websites today!

Of course, no Minecraft website list would be complete without the actual game’s website! offers the classic mode for free, as well as online purchase of the current version ofMinecraft. Definitely check out the great video on the main page, it’s worth a look, even if you have no idea what Minecraft is!

Minecraft Work Bench
Minecraft Work Bench is one of the top community Minecraft websites. Here, at MWB, you will find huge collections of downloads for Minecraft. These include custom skins, maps, mods, texture packs, and more, all for Minecraft. Definitely check out MWB’s dedicated Minecraft server, too, for more Minecraft madness!

Minecraft Forums
This is the official forum for Minecraft, reachable at the above website, or through the officialMinecraft website. Here, you’ll find piles and piles of threads about Minecraft, crafting, building, mining and more, all perfect for Minecraft fans. Just glancing at the forum topic numbers shows the popularity of the game, with more than 22,000 topics and 120,000 posts in some of the subsections of the Minecraft forum.

Minecraft Wiki
Minecraft Wiki is the place to go for the latest recipes, tips, and mining builds for Minecraft. It’s jam-packed with informative articles on everything related to Minecraft. Be sure to check out the super-good section on crafting (link) and on famous game creator, Notch (link).

Minecraft Mods, Skins, Maps Download
Minecraft Mods, Skins, Maps,Resource Packs,Texture Packs… Downloads where you can find anything about Minecraft. Play Minecraft and build anything you want !. Website is safe !

Minecraft Files
Minecraft Mods, Skins, Maps,Resource Packs,Texture Packs… Help you to Find and download Mods, Resource Packs, Texture Packs, Maps, Skins for Minecraft – Just another Minecraft File. Website is safe !

Minecraft Server List
Need some good online servers for Minecraft? Look no farther. Minecraft Server List has got you covered with over 1500 servers tracked and listed on the website. You can specifiy which servers to see through the nifty filter options at the top of the page, with Whitelist, Mods, Pay, Building-rights and more as filter options. Minecraft Server List also shows the nation location of each server, helping you find servers located in your country (and thus hopefully faster loading).



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