Too good to be true with Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup

Too good to be true with Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup. Today we received an email from the creator of a Samsung Galaxy S5 mockup which they believe will highly resemble what the future flagship is expected to look like after having apparently done ‘extensive research’. From the new water-tight and shock-proof aluminium chassis, to the lack of physical hardware buttons to a new ”oleophobic”-covered flexible 5.3-inch OLED YOUM display, this thing seems like something from a dream. When creating renders, when is too much, too much?

The Galaxy S5 that GalaxyS5info created would include a curved display as mentioned above, the replacement of the volume rocker, power, camera and home buttons with touch sensors with an extra glowing tinge, a power-saving mode to provide 50% more runtime and the SIM, microSD and ports all in one slot. It should provide ”blazing speed” with a 2 GHz Exynos 5 Octa-Core processor and Android 4.4 KitKat OS, accompanied by a 16 MP Carl Zeiss lens a la Xperia Z1 for the back facing camera and a 3.2 MP front-facing camera. There should be a whole whopping amount of space included to make our heads spin from 32GB to an unprecedented 128GB, as well as 3GB RAM like in the Galaxy Note 3. Lastly it’s said to come with a 3,200 mAh Li-ion battery that will give it that extra 50% of durability, not to mention support wireless charging.

androidpit galaxy s5 6
The wrap-around display would remove any physical button. ©

Now, where does this picture seem wrong to you? It’s one thing to make an incredible design, but how likely would it be for Samsung to diverge from its persistent polycarbonate material choice and linear design throughout the years? The newest release, the Galaxy Note 3, looks like the Galaxy Note, so it seems reasonably far-fetched for the S5 be made of an aluminium unibody construction. Though many might wish that such a mockup could translate into reality, it’s a far cry from what we will likely see. The S5 shown here is super reminiscent of the HTC One and its curved back is similar to that of the Moto X.

The removal of the physical buttons, though this seems to be the direction in which smartphones are now heading, is something not every user will enjoy. In fact, gadgets like Pressy, a replacement physical button for your smartphone, are coming out to make up for this new lacking element. Otherwise, this would be cool in the fact that its flexible display wraps around the edges, a nice touch. In terms of usability, in this case it wouldn’t be likely to mistake the volume for the power button, as here the latter would be placed on top of the device.

Androidpit galaxy s5 render 5

Other elements which could in fact be reasonable speculations are the 3GB of RAM, as the Galaxy Note 3 also carries this at present. The camera specifications also appear to be within today’s technological limitations, as well as the 2 GHz Exynos 5 Octa-Core processor. The battery would be a huge jump from the Galaxy S4 (2,600 mAh), yet matching the one in the Galaxy Note 3 and just over the LG G2 (3,000 mAh), so even that is believable, though how they would stick all of this in sleek and light-weight frame is beyond me. Android 4.4 KitKat on board is also something I could see happening, while other rumors have said it would take on Tizen as an operating system.

From what I can tell from the pictures of the user interface, it looks like TouchWiz has been completely forgotten and replaced by a stock Android look-alike, as the resemblance to the Nexus 7’s UI is astonishing.

Androidpit galaxy s5 render 2
It looks more like stock Android than TouchWiz. ©

The maker of this rendering is using the same marketing approach as manufacturers: big, fancy and shiny words to make it sound all so very impressive. An example of this is their use of the term ”oleophobic coating”, a specification you might not come into contact with everyday: it simply means an anti-fingerprint coating applied to all smartphones and tablet PC touch screens, which improves the usability with scratch and water resistance, so I guess what he really means is that the grease of your fingers, which won’t be covering the display, will make it ”even more eye-popping”.

When creating a render, you likely don’t have the knowledge and the physical material in front of you to prove that in fact the battery life would be extended by 50%, so you could easily give any bogus number you can think of to make your mockup seem incredibly efficient.

Androidpit galaxy s5 render 4
Here are the complete fantasy-full tech specs they have dreamt up. / ©

In conclusion, though this device does look pretty nifty, I think they will be highly disappointed with the Galaxy S5 when it comes out.  I like the wrap-around display and if I could wish upon a shining star, would be thrilled about the 128 GB of internal storage. I feel like the makers have stepped into a time machine and skipped a few years of mobile evolution, because what has already been accomplished so far is not in line with the development tempo that these guys have fathomed up.

What do you think about this mockup? Is it a Samsung on steroids? Could we be seeing something along those lines or will Samsung follow its normal design line all the way to never ever land.

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