Tips to have eye, catching articles

Tips to have eye – catching articles

I have received a lot of question about article decoration, even one person asked me: what kind of plugin do I use for article decoration? My answer is that I don’t use any plugin because by using WordPress only, we can aslo decorate an interesting and professional articles. In this topic, I will introduce you some tips to have eye – catching articles.

Tips to have eye

1.      Appropriate font-size and line -height

Font- size and balance between the words play an important part in article decoration and even your website. If you know how to use appropriate word size, you site will be more beautiful.

First I want to talk about 2 features I just mentioned:

  • font-size: word size
  • line-height: if you have 2 sentence, the more the line – height is, the more space between word is.

According to my experience, we should use font- size from 14px to 16px. I always use 14px font – size.


Without foot font -size (Arial, Helvetica,….)

Size: 14px

body {


font-size: 14px;


line-height: 1.3em;



Size: 15px;

body {


font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;


font-size: 15px;


line-height: 1.455em;



Size: 16px

body {


font-family: Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;


font-size: 16px;


line-height: 1.555em;




Time New Roman font (with foot)

body {


font-family: Time New Roman,serif;


font-size: 17px;


line-height: 1.3em;




2. Appropriate bold, don’t bold the phrase.

Some one thinks that bolding all phrase can help the article more outstanding but he is wrong. However, if you don’t bold the word, it is easy for the reader to be eyestrain so the first choice is to bold some important word and don’t bold too long sentence.


3. Use Info Box


Info Box is a text box to be decorated to highlight one phrase.

You can use some plugin such as:


4. Graphic decoration

In order to have good graphic, you can insert those to file style.css


.post_content a img {

padding: 25px35px;

box-sizing: border-box;

border: 1px solid #E6E6E6;

background: #F9F9F9;

text-align: center;

margin: auto 15px;

max-width: 80%;


You use Firebug instead of .post_content


5. Use heading to divide paragraph

Instead of a smooth article, you can use Heading function to divide your article into different paragraph to make it more professional easy reading.


Don’t forget that heading shoulg be short and not in 2 lines.

Some note when you write article:

  • Don’t use color for article. We can only use it in some necessary situation such as coupon, promotion.
  • Don’t insert too many link in one article
  • Don’t underlined the words
  • We should have at least one picture but not over 10 for article.

That all the information that I want to share so that your article and your website more professional and easy reading.


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