Tips: How to Actualy Make Money on the Internet

If you have fallen for the thousands of schemes on the internet saying you can make money online, you are not alone. Very few people can actually make a living by working on the internet. Most of these people are writers or people scamming mothers into paying fees for services that just are not worth it. However there are a couple ways to make money online that are not scams.

The most common way to make money online is to sell items on internet auction sites. These sites are not only friendly to small businesses based online, but can also help you clear your house and storage areas of clutter. Many people will buy your used and unwanted items online. However there is a problem with this. Do to shipping costs it can be hard to make any money listing things on eBay, also you will have to have a storage room in order to hold the items you plan to sell. There are ways to get around the warehouse issue, but it can be a little hazardous as you are not in control of your product.


The next way to make money online is to offer your services as a translator or interpreter. There are several places that hire people to translate documents from one language to another and the work can be done online. This however requires the knowledge and skill of being bilingual.

A third way to make money online is to gamble online, however this can be dangerous and can leave you in serious debt. Betting online is dangerous, and can even be illegal. Some online poker games and other gambling events may not be regulated, and therefore may only be ways to steal your credit card number and identity.

Another way to actually make money online is by the video trade. This will require you to record a video that people will pay to watch, or that sites will give you a portion of the advertising money for showing. This can be difficult and risky and while it can give a feeling of fame and accomplishment to get your work out into the public eye it can also be devastating to read negative comments. Also such ventures usually pay very little.

There are other more obscure ways to make money online, from taking surveys to entering contests, but none of them are the lucrative business you want them to be. However they might make a great hobby for you.

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