Time Tracking Applications for Productivity – Mobile Office Technology

If you want your office staff to be more productive, it’s a good idea to make sure they have mobile office technology that’s going to help them. In order to give you some idea of what we’re talking about, we have a list of several of the best time tracking applications that can help your staff be more productive all day long. Some of the apps we’re going to list cost money, but as they say, sometimes you have to spend money to make money!

Time Tracking Mobile Apps

Here’s a look at some specific mobile applications that will help your employees keep track of time better so that they become more productive.

1 Day Later 

This is a very handy app that allows you to mark down what you’ve been doing in as little as thirty seconds. It does this by using “smart fields” that anticipate what you’re going to type. Try it out yourself if you don’t think it’s possible. There’s a good chance you’re going to love it.


This app tracks your time and allows you to do invoicing at the same time. As you might imagine, this is really helpful and can make you a lot more productive. This is mobile office technology at its best because it combines two tasks in one simple and easy to use mobile app.

43 Things

If you’ve heard of the 43 Things website before, you’re going to love this app that’s based on the website. Because it’s been around a while, you can be sure they have all the annoying bugs worked out. This is a great tool for time management and tracking tasks that need to be done at a certain time.


Basically this app is for timesheets, but it does a whole lot more. It can also help you keep track of expenses, invoice, budget and more. If you’re looking for a time tracking app that does more, this is the one you should check out first.


The really cool thing about this time tracking application is that you only need to click a task once to start tracking time. This means you’re not going to be wasting precious seconds or minutes when you’re on deadline trying to get something done.

Using any of the mobile office apps above will help your entire team stay focused on the task, then it doesn’t matter if it is for indoor or outdoor formal activities like office management or pool management. This, of course, is going to make them more productive. When it comes to mobile office technology, it’s important to make sure you don’t lag behind. Using yesterday’s apps is one surefire way to make sure your business isn’t successful in the short term OR the long run. If you know of any apps we missed, be sure to leave us a comment below.