Time For You To Get A Job GTA V

Time For You To Get A Job GTA V

On occasion, we here at GTA BOOM like to bring attention to particularly well made, creative or unique mods for GTA V. Today, we bring to you one particular mod which goes against the whole escapism idea behind gaming, and brings some real-life normality to the game – in the most fun way possible.

Yup, JobsV lets you get a job. It also features an education system in which you can enroll ,and thus you will get better jobs. Over time, as you go to work, you will get better at your job. You will get paid for your job, and you can get promoted to a better job, which will pay you more. It’s all very interesting, we swear (disclaimer: the above paragraph is satire, and we fully appreciate the additional enjoyment and immersion this mod adds to GTA V). Props, TylerEspo!

Beta 0.1.4
– Compatible with latest ScriptHookDotNet

Beta 0.1.3
– Compatible with latest ScriptHookDotNet
– Minor Bug Fix

Beta 0.1.2
– Compatible with latest ScriptHookDotNet

Beta 0.1.1
– UI Changes: New Notifications, Objective Text
– New Job: Helicopter Pilot
– Fixed Pilot Jobs landing.
– Autosave Option (Config)
– Changed Interaction Default Key to “E” (Conflicted with “Insert”/Reload Key)

Beta 0.1.0
– Added Taxi Job
– Minor API Tweaks. Added extra param bool for RequireLicense
– Compatible with ScriptHookDotNet 2.1 & Higher


Alpha 0.0.9
– Added Load/Save Game
– Default Keys are: F11 = Load Game, K = Save Game. You can configure these buttons in JobsV.config

== This is the final version of Alpha, we are moving into beta! ==

Alpha 0.0.8
– Job Pilot Added (Playable)
– Audio Added
– Taxi Driver Instructor now uses speech to react to your driving.
– Updated Driving Course.
– Made Driving Course More Challenging – Driving reckless could add points to the “Offroad Warning”.
– Changed Max Warning Level for Driving Course to x/1000
– You now can quit working whenever and earn pay on how many hours you worked.
– Minor UI Changes
– Minor Bug Fixes

Alpha 0.0.7
– Taxi License Course Now Available:
– Drivable License Test with Instructor
– Possibilties of Failing if you: Speed, Crash, Exit Vehicle, Receive Wanted Level, or go off road too long.
– AI Instructor will respond to how you are driving. Example: If you go off the road he will warn you.
– Instructor UI Menu
– New UI Changes, Neater look, and Custom Pop-Up Info Menu (Toggable and Configurable)
– Toggle UI Menu (Default J Key) Configure if you like.
– Small Bug Fixes
– Dying while firefighter returns back to normal.


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