The resons for Paypal limits and how to remove

Paypal limits have become the nightmare for Paypal users. Limits mean your account is restricted some rights that lead you can not delete your account, withdraw money from the account or change credit account.

The resons for Paypal limits and how to remove

The reasonsfor you Paypal limits

The seasons for Paypallimits do not follow any rules. Those are some general reasons for it:

  • You receive big extraordinary money. For example: During a year your income is 10,000 but you suddenly have 5000$ from unclear address, your account will be limited.
  • Your account is complained by the third part.
  • You account have too many chargeback. If you do a transaction but you contact to supplier to report that youdo not do that transaction, it call Chargeback.
  • Your account is prevailed to buy the restricted products such as drug.
  • You or some one sign in Paypal in the position that is so far from the regular position. For example your account is signed up for and used in Vietnam but one IP from US sign in your account.
  • You pay for an illegal account.
  • You receive money from back account or violated account.
  • Your receiving money is stolen from other account.
  • You account address is changed too many times.
  • There are too many transaction a day

Those are some common reason for your Paypal limits.

The signals for limits

When your account is limited, you get an email:

signals for limits

Note: You just read the all emails from Paypal, you should not click on any link on the email because it may be the disguised email to find your account information. Once you sign in your account, you will see the notice.

bad day paypal

Your bad days start with that notice. 

How to prepare for Paypal limits remove

In order to remove Paypal limits, you need to verify your credit bank account.

You need to prepare below information to verify Paypal:

  • A picture of your ID with clear name and your face.
  • A picture of your credit card with clear 4 final numbers.
  • A picture of the bill that contains your name and address.
  • The prove that you are the owner of the credit card

All of them seem to be too much for Paypal requirements but you should prepare as much as possible.

When you have enough information, you remove it by following instructions.

How to remove Paypal limits

In order to remove Paypallimits, you start by clicking on Resolution Center in menu

Resolution Center in menu

By pulling down, you see limit notice and your limit date.


Then you click on Resolve in your right hand.


Click on Provide identification and start uploading all the pictures that you prepare.

Provide identification

You upload each picture and remember selecting suitable Type. There is no need to upload all 8 type but 3 to 5 should be good. Don’t forget to resize because of limited capacity of 9, 9 KB.

After uploading, you click on Send File to submit to Paypal. Your waiting time is 3 to 5 days.

.send file

After a few days, your my account limits are removed.

email paypal remove limit


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