The best Tablets available today – 10

The best Tablets available

We always want to own the latest, the best, the biggest, the newest. When it comes to tablet shopping, this is no different. Whether you’re investing in one for work or entertainment or a mix of both there are several great tablets on the market to consider investing in today. These are a few of the top options from which you should consider investing in, if you are on the market for a new tablet and want one which is not only built to last but is going to function exactly as you want it to work when on the go and is going to outperform competitor products available on the market today. Tablets can be very expensive but there are many companies which offer tablets on finance.


10. iPad Air 2 –
Its an Apple product so it has to be good, right? Of course. This one hits on many fronts, and is a great all around tablet to consider investing in. Its sleek, superbly functional, and has more apps than you’ll know what to do with when choosing those to download and install onto your device. It has a large, bright, 9.7” display, its versatile, extremely easy to use, and it offers an extensive battery life for those who are always on the go. A great investment option whether buying for work or play.

9. Surface Pro 4 –
The Microsoft tablet is another great investment option. It has the removable keyboard, it comes in various colours, comes with the sylus pen, and it is quick. It has a larger and sharper screen than previous models, and many choose it as a laptop replacement, and tablet all in one. It has a built in kickstand so you don’t have to buy one, it has a 10” screen, full blown version of Windows 10 built in, and it is lightning fast.

8. Sony Xperia Z3 –
Another one of the many tablets which is a part of an extensive lineage of great products; it is a slight improvement over the Z2 model. It is slim in profile, has a waterproof chassis, greater battery life, is extremely thin and lightweight, bright display, solid lines, and it can function extremely quickly, with a powerful processor. Whether you are running one app, or dozens of gaming apps, it should operate smoothly and quickly when you’re on the go.

7. Nexus 9 –
The Google tablet has decreased greatly in price which makes it a great investment option. It is super thin, super sleek, has a nice rugged and durable body, great battery life, and offers a stock Android experience for users. The solid performance makes it a great investment for the money, it is a great all around tablet, it has the latest operating system in place, and can smoothly operate several apps at once, without slowing down too much.

6. iPad Pro –
Soon to be the top of the list, but the fact that it is still one of the newest out there, makes it somewhat scary to potential buyers. When you see it as the biggest Apple tablet ever created, you are surely going to marvel at the pristine finish, beauty, elegance, and hugely powerful speakers, screen, and built in capabilities. A 1.2 MP front facing camera, fingerprint technology for security, 8 MP rear camera, and huge 12.9” screen, trumps competitors. Keep an eye out as the tablet will continue to gain popularity as the year progresses.

5. Sony Xperia Z4 –
Yet another Xperia tablet, this is the latest model to look out for. Yes, it is still waterproof; yes, it is finger and smudge proof as well. It has a solid body and chassis, keyboard dock is included, stand included, and an improved lightweight design, with more powerful battery life, rounds out a list of impressive features. It is sleek, elegant, powerful, fast, and a true gaming tablet, for those who love to operate several apps and games at once, without experience lag or slowed down speeds.

4. iPad Mini 4 –
Surely small in comparison to the huge screen of the Pro, yet it is still powerful internally, which makes it a top choice for tablet consumers. Sleek design, touch ID fingerprint technologies, a brilliant screen, resolution, and at 7.9” screen size, it isn’t the smallest tablet out there. A 1.5 GHz processor is extremely fast, it is highly portable and light, and is extremely easy to use and get a hang of, even if you are new to the world of Apple products.

3. Galaxy Tab S2 –
The Samsung tablet is one of the best you will find available on the market today. It offers nearly anything you want. Pristine resolution, bright screen, fingerprint technologies, lightweight design, front and rear camera, rare expandable memory options for a tablet. What more can you ask for? The improved interface, surprisingly friendly and fast web surfing, 8” and 9.7” screen size options, and a powerful processor, are a few features you are surely going to appreciate as a new owner of this tablet.

2. Google Pixel C –
With a 10.2” screen size, it is large, vibrant, bright, and powerful. A fantastic screen and premium design, sleek finishes, elegant body, plenty of power, has the keyboard attachment option, and more. Its not a laptop replacement, but a huge improvement on other tablets on the market, namely for the large screen size. Operates quickly, has sufficient memory options, and allows you to surf the web seamlessly and quickly, from nearly anywhere.

1. iPad 2 –
The 7.9” screen size is portable, functional, sleek, and the resolution is far superior to other tablets on the market today. You can’t go wrong with an Apple product, and this one won’t disappoint owners either. It has great keyboard functionality, pencil and keyboard support, is powerful, fast, brilliant, and has exceptional speaker power, for those who love gaming and want to watch films or video on the go.

Regardless of the intended use you have in mind for your new tablet, there are many models and brands from which to choose. Depending on your budget, desired use, as well as accessories and expansion options you seek, these are a few of the top options available on the market to consumers today when buying a new tablet.

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