The best gaming accessories for a PC – 10

For the PC gamer there are literally hundreds of peripherals and accessories you can purchase. And manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ones and new ways for you to spend your money. So, where should you invest it if you want to get the most out of your PC gaming experience? These are a few of the must have accessories, and many which are quite affordable for you, if you enjoy to play your favourite games on PC, whether you plan to play on your own, or compete with other gamers on the web.

Logitech G502 –
This gaming mouse is a nice accessory for the ultimate PC gamer, and it isn’t too pricey in comparison with some of the other models out there either. There are dozens of configurable buttons on it, side function and press buttons, a hyper fast scroll wheel for fast paced games, and it features a sleek design, along with ergonomic grip control for your hand to sit on it comfortably, even if playing for several hours on end.

Steel Series Stratus –
The XL iOS controller is another must have to add to the short list of accessories for the PC gamer to own. Console level accuracy to any gaming device is exactly what you are going to receive from this mobile gaming controller. And, you can use it on nearly any platform which is an added benefit for gamers. You can link it to portable devices allowing you to play on the go, and nearly anywhere you can get a signal. It is accurate, precise, and has a comfortable ergonomic grip handle, as well as buttons which are precisely placed, for optimal manoeuvrability as a gamer.

Xbox One Controller –
Although it is intended for the gaming system, it is manufactured by Microsoft, meaning it is compatible with your PC gaming as well. And, for years, Microsoft has been a leader in gaming controllers, and this one is no different. Smooth and responsive controls, easy to grip and use, and it is one of the smoothest finishes you can find on the market today; surely the best controller which has ever been developed, by a leader in the gaming industry. A more stable experience is also in store for you with the wired version, making gaming even more precise and accurate for certain shooter games.

Charging stand –
Especially if you tend to have several friends over, and have gaming nights you want to make the most out of. Not only will the right charging dock have several ports which will allow you to charge more than one controller at once, but with the right charging station, you are also going to get far more juice, a longer charge, in a much shorter period of time. So, choosing a great, high quality charging station and dock, will not only allow you to always have enough battery in your wireless controller, even if you play several hours on end, but also allows you to charge more than one battery at a time, allowing you to engage in gaming with more than one person at a time as well.

Gaming keyboard –
The right gaming keyboard is also going to go a long way to enhancing your on and offline gaming experience as an ultimate gamer as well. With easy to use arrows, ergonomic grooves, dips in the keypad, and dipped or depressed keys, not only will your fingers easily hit command controls, but will rest comfortably on the stand as well. With several from which to choose from, you can find keypads which have LED back lights, different control functions, and various one button command features, allowing you to do more, and complete more actions, with one touch of a button. So, you can play more games, you can engage in more online and interactive gaming, and you can do more with a single button command, when you have the right gaming keyboard in place, for the massive role playing and basic command function games which you most likely to compete in with other gamers and gaming enthusiasts alike.


Hard gaming mouse mat –
This mouse mat by Razer is another must have for the ultimate gaming enthusiast. The Firefly mat is specifically designed for gaming, it allows for smoother glides at faster strokes and mouse motions, it has chromatic lighting, and offers about 16.8 million lighting combinations from which you can choose, and LED combinations, allowing you to play in the dark, or in any lighting conditions you might be exposed to during longer gaming sessions. The micro textured surface is not only designed for smooth, fast movements and strokes, it is designed to ensure the gamer is always going to get the most out of their controller, no matter what type of game, or what speeds it is that they are playing at on any gaming system platform.

Kraken Pro –
This headset is another Razer gaming accessory must have for PC gaming. It is very comfortable as well as lightweight. It has a simplified over head design, soft ear cups, built in mic, and 40 mm magnetic drivers are in place providing deep bass, and mid-range tones, ensuring optimal quality sound, regardless of the type of games which you are playing on your PC. It also features a lever design on the wire, which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the volume based on the type of game which you are playing with this headset on.

No matter what style of gaming you enjoy, what type of games you tend to play most or what type of accessories you are used to playing with these are a few of the must have items for you to own or consider investing in, as a PC gamer. Not only are these going to enhance your gaming experience, they are going to allow you to get far more out of the games you play and are going to allow you to do more, with fewer restrictions, when engaging in both off as well as online gaming with friends and other gaming enthusiasts. As accessories and games slowly become better and better you also need to keep your PC components up to date and maintained. Some components are very expensive to purchase individually but you can get bundles which makes them considerable cheaper. There are loads of sites where you can compare computer bundles. Some sites even offer computers on finance for a good price.

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