Sony XperiaZ1 and Ultra Magnetic Charging Dock

Xperia Z1 & ZU Xperia Z1 & ZU

Xperia Z1 & ZU

Xperia Z1 & ZU


Sony XperiaZ1 and Ultra have water – resistance so they need a cover for MicroUSB gate. It is a disadvantage when you need to open this gate for a lot of time to charge your phone because they do not have wireless charging. This situation leads the complaint from Xperia Z because of loose cable or discomfort. In order to overcome it, you can buy Sony magnetic charging dock that helps you charge you phone without opening MicroUSB gate.


Magnetic Charging Dock does not match with Z charge.

You can use magnetic charging dock for both Z1 and Ultra.

Dock price is about 50 dollars or you can buy cable without adapter with 20 dollars.


There is no need to open MicroUSB gate.

You can limit loose cable.


Cable does not go with charge and high dock price.

Dock does not work when connecting to PC.

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