Skin control source code gta v

Skin control source code gta v

Skin Control gives you full control over the player model, including textures and accessories.

It supports around 700 models: human and animal. You can recreate your online characters in singleplayer.

It is available at :

The most basic options involve your characters appearance as you would expect it within the game’s world. This means you get to change eye color, hair color, styles, height, weight, and the like. If you’re looking for a fairly standard character model, this GTA 5 Skin Control Source Code Tool basically gives you free reign over what you look like. There’s nothing to complain about here and the options, while voluminous, all make sense and are easily understood from an intuitive perspective.

Update v2.1

Should work in FiveM.
Customizable launch key added, defaults as F8 (119). Edit in “Skin Control.ini” in GTA directory after first launch.

v2.0 and preceding

“Just try” control scheme (WASD, Arrow Keys, Space, Enter, Backspace, Left & Right Mouse Buttons)

Controller support (Left stick, D-pad, A & B.)

The current skin name will show up in the main menu.

Can set clothing and accessories type and texture.

Can set tattoos.

Can set freemode options (parents and mix, face parts, hair + eye color, beards, skin, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, etc.)

Can add and drop weapons.

Can set weapon tints and components (components have a bug where they don’t change until you leave the menu.)

Keep your weapons when changing skins.

Can save and load your skin and equipped weapon to/from file.

Twenty-five save slots with custom names.

Download and review :

Skin Control Source Code