Samsung Gear smartwatch like Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Gear smartwatch like Galaxy Note 3. On September 4th it looks like we’ll see their new smartwatch called Gear as well, according to Sam Mobile.

Renders based on the design patent filed by Samsung for the smartwatch Gear. / © Voucher Codes Pro/Samsung
While there’s already plenty of wearable devices on the market and tons more planned, the Gear is particularly exciting because it’s a Samsung device, meaning it will be optimized to work with Samsung smartphones as base stations. The Note 3 in particular, one can imagine. This means you’ll probably get a more seamless and feature-rich experience from the device if you already have a Samsung phone or tablet, and we’ll let you know all about its features if it does indeed get debuted early next month.

It’s important to note that the image above is not a press render or even a leak image, but rather a render based off the design patent diagrams that Samsung filed last month in Korea. Sam Mobile have, however, ‘confirmed’ the release of the device at the UNPACKED event, via an unnamed source. The user interface visible in the renders is also purely artistic license so we can expect to see something at least mildly different.

The design patent filed by Samsung shows what looks like a flexible-screened smartwatch. / © Sam Mobile/Samsung

The device will feature a large, curved-screen, flexible AMOLED display and who knows what else, and will be designated SM-V700. The Samsung smartwatch has been discussed in tech circles for quite a while, and ever since the patent was filed and inventory lists started showing the device for research and development purposes, the evidence has pointed towards a double launch alongside the Galaxy Note 3.

We’ll give you all the specs as they emerge and give you the full run-down when the new smartwatch is demoed. Would you buy a Samsung smartwatch before considering another third-party device?

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