Run Tizen instead of Android with Galaxy S5 ?

Run Tizen instead of Android with Galaxy S5 ? The fact that Samsung has its own internal operating system really hasn’t been much of a secret. However, what they exactly were planning on doing with their Tizen operating system is another thing all together. Recent reports from IBTimes suggests that Samsung will start pushing out some of its newer devices running the Tizen OS instead of their standard Android.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 running to Tizen operating system. / ©
While we’re not expecting a full blown take over of Tizen on Samsung devices, it could be seen as a business move for the South Korean giant to keep costs low in more developing markets. As such, right now Samsung sends a portion of its revenue to Google just to be able to use the Android trademark and Google also gets a cut of the share through users buying apps, music, and everything else through their Google Play Store.

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Tizen in the wild

One of the bigger issues that Samsung will need to face if it goes full steam ahead with a deployment of devices with Tizen would be the services provided by the operating system. Goodbye Google Play Store, goodbye compatible apps. They’d be starting from scratch and having to draw developers over to their new system.

Tizen is a young system and having a flagship device try to pass the torch of such a system might do more harm than good to Samsung. Do we really expect the Galaxy S5 to have Tizen? Not likely. Would it be out of the question for Samsung to release a version of the device running Tizen? It’s not that far-fetched. If Samsung were to take the device and wrap it in its own operating system, it could possibly offer its flagship device for a lower price in emerging markets.


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