R☆hancer Photorealism Mod Revision 3.0 GTA

Status update July 22, 2017. Wild ride is coming to an end, I’ll be done with the mod update pretty soon (expect it to hit ~1.5 – 2 weeks after “Natural Vision Remastered” release). Main version doesn’t look like those washed out shots I’ve posted year(s) ago, daytime lighting for clear\sunny weathers was significantly changed to fix most terrifying thing I’ve made to it – shadows were almost non-existent, game became just incredibly flat and it lost the depth. I liked it back then, it kinda looked like proper bounce light, but it wasn’t, and after playing with it for couple of hours it felt really wrong. So, yeah, mistakes were made. I guess now rHancer is more like an old versions, very close to revision 3.0, but still different, fixed, and just overall better than 3.0. Also, thanks to Razed I’ve added a bit of fog for them mountains (no idea how it happened, but he managed to convince me _some_ fog is fine). Long story short, here’s a quick comparison (ghetto quality, sorry for that): http://i.imgur.com/IAtSFyB.png
I know there are few good guys who liked the new-old washed out look, so expect it in optional files (different sky brightness options included as well).

Other than that, insane amount of work went into sunsets, sunrises, night time, overall color and intensity balancing. I’m not saying it’s good\great\whatever, but it’s consistent in quality at any time of day, at any height, at any place, and it’s 100% playable (at least for now, lol).
What’s left to do: Foggy weather. No idea why I even bother with it, but it should be done. Need to rework bloom for all weathers, it still kinda sucks, I think less is better, but I like to have tail lights on cars with slight bloom, so I still can’t make my mind about it. Reflections are a bit off, I’m leaning towards ENB car reflections for the main version, yet non-enb should look at least good, without making roads and buildings like mirrors (aka vanilla style), I need to figure it out. And I need to rework clouds. Things I’ve done to sunsets and sunrises are so different from Revision 3.0 – vanilla clouds just look terrible now.
And I’m going to remove “Photorealism” word from the mod. It’s not photoreal, and never was, no idea what I was thinking =D
And that’s pretty much it. Stay tuned for more, and expect simple (very basic and quite boring with bad driving) gameplay trailer sometime next week.

Download and review :

R☆hancer Photorealism Mod Gta V


ver 3.0

Complete revision of R*Hancer
Only one weather setup so far.
Reshade preset was reworked for new weathers, and now it’s completely optional, you can use just weathers if you want.

ver 2.0

Added “Dark VanillaShadows” option with unchanged vanilla ambient brightness. If you like deep dark shadows – it’s for you.
reworked fog options:
In “low fog” smog weather replaced with weather similar to extra sunny, but with slightly more fog and haze
Thick fog renamed to “Medium fog”
added new “Thick fog + Blue Haze”, it has denser fogand blue haze in the distance, that completely hides horizon line

Added completely vanilla weathers with lowered fog, better reflections, better water reflections, better headlights and other improvements for best vanilla experience and compatibility with evey single reshade preset out there ever made for GTAV

Tons of bugfixes for extrasunny, cloudy, and clear. Overall fog enhancements

Added Reshade preset by Dr.Awesome