This Mod is a extension for LSPDFR 0.3.1

We have released a minor update for LSPDFR which adds the ability to re-discover lost suspects, new frisking items, improvements to the pause menu as well as bug fixes.

● Control Panel
We have our own online Control Panel, each player can create his own profile
The Control Panel has currently not many functions but I have many functions in Planning
e.g. a house system, Car System , statistic how many people were arrested and more.

● Hunger System
To stay alive you need to eat, we have created on the map eat stations where you can fill your life.

● Vehicle gas tank system
Each vehicle has its own fuel tank, the tank is stored in a local database after restarting GTA it is therefore still present
There are petrol stations on the map where you can fill up your vehicle tank
The faster you drive the more fuel you consume
You have now the choice what you want for a Texture and the Texture – position, read the GTAV/Plugins/LSPDFR/PoliceLifeS/PoliceLifeS.ini file for more information!

● Rank System
If you successfully complete tasks then you get experience points, your rank you can view on our website
so when you arrest a person you get Experience Points
Later features are available only with a certain rank

● Shift Work System
You can now start your shift work, the shift is 8 hours (16 Min. reallife time) if you die, your shift is canceled
If you survive the time then you get Exp. If you arrested more criminals then you get more Exp.
To get Exp you must be logged, read the PoliceLifeS.ini file (GTAV/Plugins/LSPDFR/PoliceLifeS/PoliceLifeS.ini)
The starting point is marked on the map if you are going Onduty, its the Police Department in Los Santos

● Money System
You have now your own Money System, when you press Capslock you can see your money.
After a shift work you get 1300-2100$ on the website you can your money too.
You can buy something soon with your money, this is in development
-Money / EXP Balancing
-SaveTimer to 30 Secs Interval Hotfix:
-Fixed SaveTimer Crash-Bug
-Fixed Eatstation, Reload Bug
-Fixed Crash by Arrest-People’s
-Add NotificationManager (async Notifications)
-Add CalloutManager for handle Callouts
-Add LiveTicker Callout-Message (Send current Callout and Status)
-Add LiveTicker Position-Message (Send the current Location)
-Implement first Textures for InGame Police-Radio
-Add Hotkey for Engine On/Off (Default: Point-Key)
-Money/Exp Balancing
-Add more Eatstations
-Blip-Visible Range to 3000
-Fixed Shift-Work Message-Bug
-Fixed Multiple LiveTicker Messages
-Hotfix DB Issue
-Fixed LiveTicker (Duplicate Entries)
-Enabled Online-Mod (http://PoliceLifeS.de)
-Turn Signals
-Fixed the Crash on a Gas Station when Reload
-Added more Gas Stations
-Added more Shift-Duty Points
-Set Shift-Work time to 30minutes
-Performance optimization
-Added Texture Manager
-Added WebRequestManager
-Added LiveTicker for PoliceRadio
-Added Dynamic Speedometer + Fuel Gauge

Download and review :