Pet Lovers With Top Gadgets and Apps

Pet Lovers With Top Gadgets and Apps .

Rate my pets

OK, so you’re convinced your pet is the cutest little thing around? Thanks to Rate My Pets, you can see if over 50,000 other users will think so too. After registering once you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to enter your animal’s name, age and gender, as well as add your pets ”story” and upload the cutest pictures you’ve taken of it doing ridiculously adorable things. By choosing to have email notifications, you can see what fellow animal lovers have said about your little pooch, feline or tweetie bird. When signed in, you can also chat live with the others who take part in this app. Your pet candidate could also be a winner or even a runner up against other cute creatures who are all rated with a star system. Browse through the various pets under the categories ”active”, ”cutest” or ”uncertified”.

Is your pet really the cutest? Compare with other animal fans to find out. © AndroidPIT

Fido Pet Adoptions

One of the saddest things on earth is the abandonment and abuse of pets of all walks. Thankfully the SPCA and other similar organizations will pick up these dogs and make them available for adoptions into new homes. If someone just isn’t able to take care of their pet anymore, they can be sure it will find a new, hopefully kind master as well. Fido Pet Adoptions will help you easily find a possible new best friend from the comfort of your smartphone. The app is operated very simply: by simply entering your Zip or Canadian postal code, as well as optionally selecting the animal type, size, gender and age, you can easily find a pet that will fit well into your daily life. I stuck in my old childhood Canadian postal code from a little city in Alberta and right away got a ton of local pets waiting for a home. The app is funded by ads at the bottom of the display, however these didn’t hinder my animal search in the least.

This app helps you find the closest pets to you that are needing a new home. / 


With so many apps like Runtastic that help you train, what about your pets? Petometer will help your dog keep off the chub. After creating a profile, you can take them on tracked walks which are logged in a clearly structured history. The app also provides quite a few nice exercises for your canine friend.

Keep the chub of your dog with Petometer. / © AndroidPIT

52 Dog Tricks

Want to teach Lassie a cool new trick? Try out 52 Dog Tricks and challenge your dog, as well as your master skills with this huge array of canine stunts. The app provides the tricks in a clear list and when clicking one, it will spell out how you can get your dog to obey with a few simple steps. Free from registration and permissions and very light-weight, this app proved to be hassle-free. The only downside is having to install Adobe AIR if you don’t already have it. The tricks range in level of difficulty, from teaching the classic ”sit” to ”fetch a drink” to falling dead with ”Bang”.

Let’s see if your pooch can master all 52 dog tricks! 

Animal health apps

Depending which pet you have, there is a huge array of first aid apps available in the Google Play store, some of which are available only for specific locations. That being said, many of them cost money and the free ones are slim-pickings. A good one I found that looked as if it had a lot of valid and helpful information was the Dog Care and Training Guide. From my research, it seemed as though iOS actually offers a lot more pet health apps and even in general much more worthy pet apps which would be nice to have for Android.

Gadgets for the pet lover

To find out whether your dog is getting the right amount of vet-recommended exercise per day or to find your lost pet when it has gotten lost, you can buy the water-resistant Pet GPS tracker by Tagg from Best Buy, Amazonpets or Verizon. How it works is your pet wears a collar which contains GPS tracking powered by Qualcomm. Tagg will notify the owner if the animal is not where it should be via an SMS or email on your smartphone, tablet or PC. You set it up by registering and inputing where you would like your pet to remain. The alarm goes off if they happen to leave that area. It also has an activity timeline, so you can monitor if your pet is staying in shape. The tracker has an extensive battery life of up to 30 days, which will then notify you again via SMS or email when it should be recharged. The tag comes with a free Android app, so you can keep track on the go. The whole thing comes at a price of $99.95.

Fido can stay fit and won’t get lost. © pettracker

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