Paradise Island is a management game for having fun time

Paradise Island is a management game for having fun time
Paradise Island is a management game for having fun time

Hi everyone , Paradise Island is a management game for having fun time, however it burns your time a lot for examination.

For reducing examination time, we have visited other Islands to see what their Islands look like, how they build their houses to boosting the way you’re gonna make more money.
For everyone who play this game please introduce your name , so we can add, exchange or sharing something about this game.

Paradise Island is a management game for having fun time
Paradise Island is a management game for having fun time

My profile :
Name :hoang vtb
Island : magichands
Friend code : ec1554 (type to receive more money), who have the button represent for 3 person, at the services sextion, enter friend code then type your friend code
to that.Here is the list for every islanders in the box :
I. The member Vnn009’s experience within initiate building island
I wanna share with you some of my experiences within game development strategy
PI for newmemebers to let you understand about how interesting game is, and definitely save your time.

1. Begin gameplay
You should create one facebook account and one twitter account because when login and verify your information from the game to 2 social networks, it’s gonna helping
you into receive amount of money and gold, so you can play faster, and buy more stuffs.
If you’re in a good condition, you should increase your brightness for better display.

2. Start game
At first, the game require you play some introduce about this game to helping you within familiar with the game, it helps you how to build some essential houses. I’m
not gonna write about how to play this game because it wastes a lot of time. So you should read about this information like house types, the missions when up to level
5 (level for beginning Summer Sport mission).

My first option is to build 15 Hotdog houses (15 labors, 75 electrics) , 15 cabins (15 labors,75 electrics), 15 Gift shops (30 labors, 150 electrics). Increase these
houses to level 5 with some advantages like you didn’t need to pay for lands, didn’t need labors and electrics anymore.

After that you need 15 Bungalow (30 labors and 150 electrics), 10 sunny centers (40 labors, 200 electrics).

The next when you reach level 10, you can build 10-20 Disco houses (7 labos + 30 electrics/house).

You should build houses closely because saving lands, the same houses which have small cycle, so you should build constantly for harvest money.

Support houses include 6 windmills in level 5 (360 electrics) and 2 Generators (180 electrics). Better stop at that amounts, then building Solar Power house
(60k$ at level 8), because you’re gonna do a windmill and generator destroy missions for 200k$ retrieving.

With maximum amount of houses upgrading to level 5 (with 1 amount level 5 house, you can receive amount of money and experiences), you can take it easy and keep
playing to level 20 for building Luxury Cottage house or Hotel Mesuty for doing replacing to new island mission. When you’re under the sea you should build Lightning
catamaran house, you’re able harvesting your money and doing the mission for replacing to the new islands.

Most of the houses help you get rewards about amount of houses:
build 15 Hot dog stands 4,000 200
build 15 Cabins 5,000 250
build 15 Gift shops 7,000 300
build 10 Sunny centers 15,000 600
build 10 Disco clubs 60,000 750

with hotdog and Cabin, because cycle element, you will do the mission collect golden money, blue money …. so easily .

Besides of that things, when you get the awards announcement you should turn on the internet for receive the rewards because posting on your facebook, twitter.
When you take a picture and posting on your facebook or twitter you also receive moneys, so keep in mind that things.

All of money within the development will quickly for upgrading your main house, upgrading the harvest houses, electric houses, increasing your lands. At this stage,
you must take 1 part of your land for building sumer sport mission houses. These houses require a lot of labors and electrics.

3. Invite friends and friend code :
At that time as possible, you should type your nickname and your island name, then invite friends. When you type the friend code from one of your friends, consider a
little bit because you only type in 1 unique time, the advantage from doing that thing you gonna receive 3-5 coppers, your friend gonna get 1-2 coppers.

4. Using money and scroll :
For optimizing so I didn’t use golden money to doing anything.For saving money to buy totem of property with 10% increasing the money receive. Most of people use their
money to building special houses, or fixing Atlas hotel, it’s up to you.

You should take advantaged of scroll :
Economy scroll: at first time i didn’t notice, so I lost 13 coppers for buying Totem of prosperty (original price : 90 coppers, large economy : 77 coppers)
Time scroll : you should utilize within upgrading your main house or building the electric house to reduce develop time.
Profit scroll : don’t waste your money at first stage because it didn’t bring too much for you.

5. Communication with Tourists and buying Leonid :
Try to communicate with tourists to get shells, pearls, and golden rings. Besides you gonna receive some other rewards.
In my opinion, stay in Leonid shop small scroll because shells are pretty easy to get and large scoll time type, economy, profit. Saving pearls and golden rings
for the next moving on to the new island.
II. How to build the wonder of the world
Information: The wonder of the world just build after you finish building the foundation (Helen misson) by organize maps when you visit your friend home and
after clean up your house (this is why you should have friendship, plus $ + XP sometimes)
The condition for Helen mission : you must have at least 9 people, and reach to lv7. You can reach the map when “clean your friends building”.Visit your friend houses,
and clean their house in once day, you’re gonna receive it in 25th times.

After finish building the Foundation, you’re gonna doing the following conditions:
Note: You can’t destroy the foundation when it was operated. Even after the foundation was finish build, otherwise Wonder is very high, after finish its gonna obscure
other behind buildings .

Constructing :
The second construct stage (foundation quests):

– Supplies: 300 zap energies
– Collecting 100 damshells
– Building 5 wild west hotels
– Collecting the first drawing : 3 parts of drawing by go to your friend islands and clean their houses. I dont remmeber exactly what is it in 1 day,
but once friend only clean up maximun in 3times/day.

The third construct stage :
– Collecting 100 pearls
– Building 5 hotel Island
– Collecting 2nd drawing : 3 parts of drawing by go to visit your friends islands and clean their houses at 18th in a day (at least 6 friends)
The fourth Construct Stage :
– Supplies: 200 zap enegey (500 – 300 at first)
– Collecting 100 golden rings
– Building 5 UFO restaurant museums
– Collecting the third drawing: 3 parts of the drawing by go to visit your friends islands and clean their houses at 21th in a day (at least 7 friends)
The final stage :
– Supplies: 500 zap enegies (1000 – 500 at first)
– Collecting 50 crystals, you must building the Casino Crystal houses , the result has received when you got money , you must building 5 houses .
– Collecting the fourth drawing : 3 parts of drawing by go to visit your friends islands and clean their houses at 31th in a day (at least 11 friends),
summing 12 drawing to accomplish “wonder of the world”

note : After finish all steps of these require houses.You can destroy them because they didn’t have value anymore.


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