On October Android 4.4. KitKat release?

On October Android 4.4. KitKat release? Ok, this ”confirmation” may have come from Nestlé and not Google or the Android team, but we kind of figure Nestlé are pretty chummy with the Android version that bears their candy bar’s name, so we’ll assume they now something we don’t. Well, at least until they leaked the KitKat launch on their Facebook page, that is.
It’s almost here, time to get your fingers dirty. / © Google
The German KitKat team responded to a question on their Facebook page inquiring about the release date of KitKat and they responded: ”Android.4.4 KIT KAT is available in October”. For the bi-lingual out there who don’t like translations, the official message was: ” Android 4.4 KIT KAT ist ab Oktober verfügbar.” ‘Ab’ in German actually means ‘from’ in English but let’s not get into the nitty gritty, anytime in October works for us. Having said that, the KitKat team later added the term ”erwartet” which means ”anticipated.” Hmmm. Not so easy to stuff that cat back into the bag.

kitkat facebook
Here’s the posts from the KitKat team’s Facebook page. / © AndroidPIT

We’ve already seen plenty of ”leaks” of the Nexus 5, which will launch in NYC next month, and the FCC documentation we’ve seen pretty much confirms the Nexus 5 will launch pre-loaded with KitKat, which, for some strange reason, is still being called Key Lime Pie in the paperwork (Key Lime Pie was the 4.4 codename until recently). But this latest snippet from Nestlé seems pretty much as good as we’re likely to get before Google makes the official announcement which can’t be all that far away. The KitKat team’s latest admission: ”in October. The KitKat Android has a break.”

What do you think of this leak? Another clever Google-supported ”leak” or a genuine gaff? Do you even care? KitKat is almost here!

Source: KitKat

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