On Galaxy S3 how to set an MP3 to ringtone

On Galaxy S3 how to set an MP3 to ringtone .  Here’s a way that you can add a nice little touch of customization to your device and make your favorite song, or really any type of sound-bite, as your ringtone.

There are a few popular methods, which have been confirmed to work on the Samsung Galaxy S3, either by setting it yourself or allowing an app to do it for you.  These methods should also work with different models of Samsung devices as well, but you’ll have to try it out for yourself.


First Option

  • Plug your phone into your PC via USB
  • Open your computer and browse to your mobile device
  • Copy the MP3 file of your choice into the “Ring Tones” Folder
  • On your phone, go to Settings > Sound > Phone Ring Tone and you should see your MP3 file there. Choose it and it’ll be set as your standard ringtone from now on.

Of note: there are some apps as well that will “cut” a portion of a song so that you can use it as an MP3 and note have to have to use the entire thing. (Useful for those 6 minute long songs).

Second Option

Use a media player (other than the default one that comes with your device) that allows the option to set ringtones on the go. Check out the options for each one, but most of them just require a long hold when an MP3 is playing and settings will pop up which will allow you to set the MP3 as either a ringtone, notification, or alarm.

Some popular (free) options are:

MixZing Media Player

doubleTwist Player

I know there’s a ton of other ways to do this and am interested to hear how everyone gets their MP3s as their notifications/ring tones. Share your stories below

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