Official BlackBerry 10 comes with many impressive features

RIM’s new mobile platform was introduced at the event on 30/1, along with the 2 smartphone Z10 and Q10.

RIM has shown great determination when organizing an event broadcast live in five major cities, from the United States (New York), Canada (Toronto) to England (London), France (Paris) and the UAE (Dubai) platform to introduce its all-new BlackBerry 10.

With the BlackBerry to Experience (Experience BlackBerry), this event focuses on new features of the operating system which RIM has painstakingly built over the past two years.

The event launched the RIM BlackBerry 10 attracted great attention of the tech world.
The event launched the RIM BlackBerry 10 attracted great attention of the tech world.

During the event, representatives of RIM CEO Thorsten Heins continually asserted, BlackBerry 10 is a true mobile platform. He in turn introduced features such as Hub – an integrated form all the user’s messages from BlackBerry Messenger to social networks or events from the calendar application.

Virtual keyboard on BlackBerry 10 is also designed meticulously, with the ability to predict possible, while BlackBerry Messenger application for the first time integrated video call feature as well as screen sharing


BlackBerry 10 is integrated Reminder feature, which is seen as the combination of Outlook on Windows and popular Evernote application. In addition, the imaging applications of the operating system is also quite impressive, with the ability to capture Time Shift – record every moment of the subject and then pick out the best moments. In addition, users can edit photos with various effects or editing on the device running BlackBerry 10.

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CEO Thorsten Heins said BlackBerry 10 is the world’s best multi-tasking platform. Company’s App Store has reached the milestone of 70,000 applications, but it still lacks some basic apps like Angry Birds and Amazon Kindle.

Also in this event, RIM introduced the to two runs BlackBerry smartphone users 10 Z10 and Q10. Z10 is integrated smartphone the net wide 4.2 inch touch screen, HD resolution, while the Q10 is the familiar QWERTY keyboard design and Kevlar material.


Currently selling point of Q10 has yet to be announced, while the Z10 will be distributed in 110 different markets, including UK users will be the first opportunity to experience this product from 1/2. Z10’s price depends on the network.





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