New features with Google+ update for Android

New features with Google+ update for Android. The Android app for Google+ has just been updated to version 4.1 and have brought some pretty big changes along with it. Here’s a quick look at everything that’s new with Google+ 4.1.

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On his Google+ page, Google developer Virgil Dobjanschi gave us a good overview of everything that is going to be updated on the latest version of Google+. As usual, this will be rolled out in several waves and should take a few days before all users see the update available for them to download.

Features, features, features

Google Apps for Business support

If enabled by a Site Administrator, content can now be publicly shared with their own circles and employees.

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Direct access to photos and videos from Google Drive

Now photos and videos that are stored within Google Drive can be viewed and shared within the Google+ app. For photos on Google Drive, you can use the same automatic filters and optimizers that are available for photos that you upload directly within Google+.

Easy switch between accounts and page

You can easily switch between multiple accounts and/or pages, much like the way Gmail works right now. Thankfully, you no longer need to log out and sign in again to access a different account.

More control

Google+ can now be controlled to specify with whom one’s own site is shared. The choices are between groups (family members, individuals, etc).

Goodbye Messenger

Well, it wasn’t only a certain amount of time until Google deleted their Google Messenger service and replace it completely with Google Hangouts. With the most recent updates, Google+ Messenger conversations can be downloaded and saved via Google Takeout.

Download: Google+ for Android

[Update: 15.08.2013, 06:38

The update is now being rolled out and we’ve put the APK file for version 4.1 of Google+ for Android online for you to download at your pleasure: Download APK

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