More tricks and tips for your HTC One

More tricks and tips for your HTC One. That’s right, every now and again we like to delve into some of the features behind the smartphones that really set them apart from everything else that is out there. A few months ago, we revealed to you a top ten list of tips and tricks for your HTC One and now we’re following up again with even more.


Take control of your LED notifications

Yeah, notifications are great. But I don’t always want a LED notification telling my OCD self that I need to check my phone at this very moment for a Facebook update from my long lost aunt. Well, a little bit of a goods news is that with the HTC One you can determine what type of notifications you want firing up your phone’s LED.

Browse the web in all its glory

I find that often I’m perturbed by the amount of content I can’t see when I’m using my smartphone’s Internet browser. Sure, there are mobile sites designed to accommodate the smaller screen of the devices, but often they’re clunky and more tedious to navigate around.  With the HTC One, you can enable a full-screen mode in the browser to let you see more of what you want.

To enable Full-Screen mode on your HTC one, tap the top of the screen to reveal the URL bar. From there, tap the icon with three dots and select Settings > General and click off the “Fullscreen” box.  And there you go, this option hides a ton of filler from the browser and lets you use all of the HTC One screen for your browsing adventures.

Do a hard-soft reset

When an application crashes or your phone hangs, for whatever reason, a hard-soft reset is often the cure to what ails your phone. Unfortunately, not many people know how to do this on their HTC One and often revert to turning the phone off, removing and replacing the battery pack, and then turning the phone back on. Thankfully, there’s a combination of keys that you can press that will simulate the same effect.

In fact, it’s not so much a combination as just…one button. That’s right. Just hold down the Power button for about 10 seconds and you’ll get a warning informing you that you’re about to perform a hard-soft reset on your device.

Go to sleep HTC One. Go to sleep.

There are times during the day (or night) where I’m not too concerned about my phone. In fact, there are often large periods of times where my phone will just be sitting next to me on my desk for hours at a time and just sapping away at the battery due to notifications, fetching e-mails, and other tasks that I really don’t need it to be doing at the moment.

The HTC One has a Sleep Mode that you can enable that will tell your device, after periods of inactiveness, to turn its 3G Connectivity, saving a tons of battery in the process. Head over toSettings > Power > Sleep mode to enable it.

Lock it up.

As silly as it sounds, you should most likely have some kind of a lock screen enabled on your device. This is handy from keeping friends, family members, or kids snooping around on your device if you leave it around or to add an extra layer of protection in the event that your smartphone is stolen from you.

The HTC One has a nice built in lock screen with several options to choose from.  You can either choose a pattern unlock, a password, a PIN, or a Face unlock. Do note, however, that we don’t recommend a face unlock as it’s more of an interesting feature rather than one that is extremely secure (it can be unlocked using a photo of the owner).

To enable your lock screen, head over to Settings > Security and you’ll find all the options over there.

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