More Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S4

More Tips And Tricks For Samsung Galaxy S4 


Enjoy more tips and tricks on maximizing your Galaxy S4’s performance below! 

Browse Quick Setting Buttons

Want to check out your Quick Setting buttons in a jiffy? That is not too much of an issue, as all you need to do is swipe two of your fingers down on the status bar, and you’re good to go.



Forget about tapping on individual letters on the virtual keyboard to compose an e-mail or send a text message/SMS. All you need to do is turn on Trace-To-Type on the virtual keyboard, and you would find your text input efficiency level shoot through the roof in no time at all. To turn on Trace-To-Type, go to the keyboard, tap on the ‘Cog’ icon, turn on “Predictive Text” and choose “Continuous Input”.


Adaptive Display

You know how early generation color displays on the mobile phone tend to deliver washed out colors whenever you step outdoors? Well, technology has certainly advanced a whole lot, especially when it comes to mobile displays. Since it is summer right now, and you would like to spend plenty of time to get a nice and even tan by the beach with your Galaxy S4 in tow, it would be advisable to turn on the Adapt Display function so that you can still keep tabs on your connected life under direct sunlight without squinting. Go to Settings > My Device > Display > Screen Mode > Adapt Display, and you’re good to go.


Floating Keyboard

Be a David Copperfield and make your virtual keyboard float, if your attempts at floating corporeal items have fallen flat miserably. Folks who tend to multitask on their Galaxy S4 can attest to the added flexibility and convenience of a floating keyboard. All you need to do is pop open the virtual keyboard, hold down on the “Settings” button, and enable “Floating Keyboard”.


Prolong Your Galaxy S4’s Battery Life

Ah, one of the banes of modern day smartphones that come with just about everything but the kitchen sink would be its battery life – or rather, the lack of it. After all, when you’re done playing with all the functions and enjoying games on it, the low battery warning should pop up pretty soon. To eke out additional battery life, how about ensuring that your Galaxy S4 has been set to auto connect/disconnect from a Wi-Fi network? Doing so is a cinch, just go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu > Advanced, and set the time frame under Wi-Fi Timer.


I do hope that these 5 tips and tricks would have made your Galaxy S4 experience better.

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