Mobile App Usage Further Dominates Web, Spurred by Facebook



Mobile phones or smart phones have rapidly taken over the world in the matter of few years. Every person who is allowed to have a smart phone, uses this technology on a daily basis for more than 12 hours in a day. In fact, a smart phone is not used by a person only when he or she is asleep which is the why the charts of smart phones usage tend to be unbelievable at times.


Smart phones are generally used for every aspect of a daily routine. There are various kinds of apps which provide the facility to carry out daily tasks and business at the same time with only a hand-held device. These hand-held devices are the backbone for many businessmen and women on the run on a daily basis. They need these smart phones to carry out their business tasks even when they are out of the office. Moreover there are many mobile apps which assist mothers and youngsters in their education as well.


Mobile apps usage has reached a staggering figure in the past couple of years. There are men and women who are dependent on mobile apps to carry out their necessary tasks in their lives and these apps have an entire market where sales have sky-rocketed in just over a year. Moreover, developers have reached out to the general public in order to understand the requirements of the general population in terms of app development. Planning your smartphone app development will allow various professionals and general users to come forward and present their ideas of developing new applications for smart phones.


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Some of the very useful apps are given below:


Email Apps: These appsprovide an instant access to business and personal emails which are required by businessmen and other individuals such as students or work at home moms. With the help of email apps, a person can conduct instant tasks and meetings with other personnel and do not need the help of a laptop which is a fairly larger device to carry around.


News Apps: Many individuals like to keep themselves up to date with news from around the world. With the help of news apps, people have all the important news sources with them all the time. They can access any news from around the world with just a click of an app on their smart phones and can be up to date in a matter of seconds.


Game Apps: One of the most famous form of apps are game apps which serve as a great time pass for all individuals who own smart phones. The number of using game apps on mobile phones is the greatest which is also contributed to the overall usage of the apps. With the help of such apps, a smart phone has proven to be an all rounder for everyone using it hence many individuals do not like living without a mobile phone any longer.


According to Facebook, mobile apps usage has also increased with the number of social media users such as Facebook as well. Many people find the need to check their Facebook and other similar websites such as Twitter at regular intervals throughout the day. For this purpose, many people prefer using smart phones specifically which provide the facility to download such apps and use them on a regular basis.


Sales research and charts have proven that mobile apps are used more and bought more making it a very lucrative business for many app developers. Sale figures have left the usage of laptops and computer systems behind since these operating systems do not work with apps unless it is a handheld device. Many app developing companies have earned millions after users have bought and downloaded their created apps meaning that there is a bright future for not only users but the developing companies as well.

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