Mirrorless ‘Galaxy Camera 2’ to launch at Samsung London event next week


‘Samsung will release our latest mirrorless camera that runs on Google’s Android software,’ JK Shin tells Korean press

It seems the Galaxy S4 Zoom won’t be the only imaging product on show at Samsung’s “Premiere 2013” event in London next week. Co-CEO JK Shin has confirmed to the Korean press that the event will also play host to a next-generation Galaxy Camera device. Speaking with the Korea Times, Shin said “Samsung will release our latest mirrorless camera that runs on Google’s Android software” at the June 20 event. The publication refers to the upcoming shooter as the “Galaxy Camera 2,” though it’s unclear whether Shin himself confirmed this as the official name.

A mirrorless system would imply significantly improved image quality and some kind of interchangeable lens support, something we’ve yet to see on any Android camera currently on the market. (Polaroidannounced a similar product back at CES, but has been quiet in the following months.) Such a device would address one of our main concerns about the original Galaxy Camera, specifically it’s disappointing image quality, considering its relatively high price.

Our interest is well and truly piqued by the prospect of a high-end, mirrorless camera running Android. We’ll be live from London next week to test out the “Galaxy Camera 2” and a host of other Samsung devices.


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