Minecraft: Reaching the Nether – How To

Crafting Table (Minecraft)
Crafting Table (Minecraft)

One of the Lesser Known Parts of Minecraft

The Nether is essentially “hell” or “the underworld.” It is a land of fire, lava and demons. The benefits to going to the Nether are that only certain things can be mined there and you can use it to quickly travel long distances in the normal world.

But how do you get there? Well, it requires two things: A supply of Obsidian and a Flint and Steel.

First of all, Obsidian is created by dumping water onto lava, but it can only be mined by a diamond pickaxe. Diamonds can be found deep under the ground, near the adminium floor, and require no processing to be used, although they must be mined with an iron pickaxe. One you have a supply of 14 or so Obsidians, you’re ready to make the portal.

Crafting Table (Minecraft)
Crafting Table (Minecraft)

To make the flint and steel you will need to mine for iron ore, which can be found sporadically in mines, and for a flint, which is a random drop when you mine granite. You will need to refine the iron ore in a furnace, but once that’s done you can combine the two into into an item called “Flint and Steel,” which is used to make fire.

Next, to actually make the portal, you will need to place the obsidian into the shape of a door frame 4×5 in size with the inside being 2×3. You must be sure to make the bottom of the frame out of obsidian as well. This takes up 14 blocks of Obsidian, or, if you’re short on obsidian, you can leave out the corners to only use 10. Finally, you will want to use your Flint and Steel to light the inside of the frame, which will activate the portal. To use it you must stand inside of it for a short period of time.

Inside the Nether you can find:

Netherrack, which can be lit on fire to burn indefinitely.

Glowstone, which will break into Glowstone Dust when mined that can be crafted back into a Glowstone by using 9.

Soulsand, which can slow down the player and pursuing enemies.

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