Map Info Tool -GTA V

This is a little tool/ script I made which allows you to get some useful info about static entities (buildings/ props) placed around the map. For any building/ prop that is defined as a static placement, it will show you the model name as well as the name of the base .ymap file where it is defined. Simply move the camera around, and information will be shown over objects as they come in view. You can view even more information about an object by using the built in console interface with the commands listed below.

My hope is that this will ease the process of working with in-game objects via OpenIV, especially for people working hard on map- related mods. Because afaik there is no standard process for finding this kind of information about objects around the world.

There are some options that can be customized in the .ini file including the search radius for objects/ buildings and max amount of objects infos that will be drawn on the screen. These settings could be useful if you are experience performance problems. Naturally there is some hit to performance, due to the sheer amount of objects that exist in the world.

Download and review : Map Info Tool V1.14 – gtaV tool

Other info
The type of an object can be determined by the color of the label. For buildings/ static objects, it will be red. For props it is gold. This can be changed in the config file.

As always, let me know of any bugs/ problems, and offer suggestions for how the mod can be improved! Thanks 😀

Controls for camera
Move – W, A, S, D
Select/ Enter Editor – Left mouse
Toggle console – T
Exit –Right mouse
Speed boost – Left shift

Controls for editor
Move Object – W, A, S, D
Set move speed – Scroll wheel
Toggle console – T
Exit – Right mouse

List of usable commands
“?” or “help” – Gets a list of available commands
“reloadconfig” – Reloads all values from the config file
“showtextures” – Prints all nested texture names for the selected object
“dumpobjects” – Dumps nearby objects to nearbyobjects.txt

Default activation key is ‘Y’, but you are free to change this in the config file

Additional Requirements

  • ScriptHook V –
  • ScriptHook V .NET –


  • Create a “scripts” in the main folder where GTA V is installed (if not already there)
  • Place MapInfoTool.dll in the folder