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Online is thrust for hard working as well as for talented people, I think every body have some talent , it is on you, when you will come to know “your talent”, online is the best place to know your talent as well as show talent, because if you want to know your talent then you have to start doing something which will lead you to know your talent.

May be you are looking for those ways, which will help you to make money online, so here are those ways-

1. Make Money Online From Blogging
Blogging is the term which may be you have heard many times through internet, may be from friends or seen advertisements, if you wanted to make serious money from online then this is the best method, one more thing I would like to share with you this is not a one day method, because any real business need time to grow and blogging is the one of the best business in the world, but the promise is that you have to give time to make money from blog.

But remember only creating a blog and visiting a blog again and again by self is not going to help you at all, rather you do write articles on your blog, that’s why people will visit your blog again and again then only you will become one of the best successful blogger in the world

2Make Money Online From Facebook

Specially I like Facebook to make money because Facebook having most active visitors that’s mean people are there, just you have to make a source to get those people in your blog or may be where you want, there are many ways tomake money online like affiliate marketing, creating a page, creating an applications on Facebook.

I will discuss with you all these ways, so lets go to know how to make money online from Facebook, see online is the best place to make money online, but it is depend on how you are presenting yourself in front of the world of people, online market having more people than any other market in the world, you just need creative thinking to get start and to develop creating thinking you need to get start doing, because getting initiation is the best part of success, so here I am going to tell you how can you make money from Facebook.

a):- Make Money Online By Creating a Page on Facebook
May be you are thinking I am joking right, but let me tell you my dear friend, you can make huge money from a Facebook page, you can even open your own company, yes your own company!

But the thing is that you need an idea, which will succeed you in this field because an idea can change your life.

People says that with out example things are not realistic, so here I have few examples, if you are an engineer and you often use Facebook then I am 100% you have joined that Page, yes the name of that page “Only an Engineering Student can understand the value of study on Last Night”, may be you have joined, but here is the big thing about this page they have more than 6 lac likes and this is a big deal my dear friend, now may be you are thinking how you are going to make money then I will recommend you to promote affiliate product but not all the time, to make more money even you can not imagine that much money promote Clickbank product.


b):- Make Money from Facebook Through Affiliate Marketing
If you are new to this make money online crazy world then I am 100% sure you are not familiar with this term affiliate marketing, don’t worry, you will come to know after reading this section of this article.

Affiliate marketing means you will sell a product through your source and you will get commission for selling others products.

Here you can do on Facebook, you can advertise affiliate products on Facebook and you can earn commission for selling product, actually most of the affiliates promotes digital product, there are many affiliates website provide many digital products but I will recommend you to use Click bank for promoting digital products, here is the big reason, why I am telling you this? Because they share up to 75% commission for selling a digital products.

c):- Make Money Online from Facebook by Creating Apps
May be you have idea how world of people are moving to the digital world right, so here is the big thing for creating apps, it is not easy but not even impossible, if a kid of only 17 years old can create an apps then sell to Yahoo for 30 million $ then why you can not do this.(

Actually I got something interesting for you, I actually recommend others to use Clickbank products because those products are really created by experts, I got a product which allow you to create an apps, those don’t have technical knowledge, if you wanna create an apps and you are not having any technical knowledge then this is the great place to create your first app.

3Make Money Online By Taking Surveys
Survey programs are allowing people to make money online, do you have any idea, why?

Let me tell you the answer, because many companies wants feedback from customers, or may be companies wanted to know, what people are going to do? They always ask about your planning and may be what you like?

Base on this they predict the market to make more profit from their product, but it is quiet difficult to find out a genuine website, which really offer surveys and more important is they paid, see there are many websites but I am going to share with you only websites, those really pay for survey programs.

Here we go, first of all I found only two websites those really pay for survey programs, and another one is is providing a offer free to join and also they will give you 5$ bonus for joining Surveyhead.

Now come to they are providing you 1$ bonus for joining and also joining is free.

4Make Money Online By Doing Small Jobs
Other than blogging I think this is a good option to make money onlinespecially those want to make money instantly, because blogging is not going to make money in a week or even a month by using normal method but of course if you want some constant income per month then I will strongly recommend you do small jobs online and make money, one more important thing I would like to share with you don’t join any network with out conforming that they are really paying for doing small jobs, for your help I found websites, those really pay you to do small jobs like Sign Up, Facebook Like, Commenting on Forum etc.

Here is the website-, this is genuine website to make money online by doing small jobs, but I also found an alternative to this that is, this is another a genuine website to make money online, here is the big thing to know about, this website is also called a Amazon mechanical turk.

So use these two websites to make money online by doing small jobs, but I will recommend you to start blogging to do a real business online for forever.

If you found any other genuine website like these two don’t forget to share!!

5Make Money Online By Reading Emails and Clicking on Advertisements
Actually this is not a good idea to make money online, but people search on this topic on search engines, what does that mean people want to make money online from these two things, till 2009 I did not found any website which one is genuine to pay money online for clicking ads and may be for reading emails.

But now I know those genuine websites to make money online, here is the reason why these type of websites exist now, because these are also ways of advertisement.

Here are those websites for you, actually I have written an article on how to make money online by reading emails.

Now to come make money online by clicking on ads, I have not write any article on this website but I do know the name of the

From these websites you can easily earn some pocket money but you can not make huge money from these two websites, but still some thing is better than nothing!

6Make Money Online By Selling Your Photos
This is a trending one, may be you have clicked a great photo and you want to sell it, then let me tell you my dear friend there is a great market for this, just you have to look around the web that’s it.

But I am here to tell you those websites name, which will help you to sell your photo with the world of people.


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