Issues And Problems With Nexus 7 (2013)

Issues And Problems With Nexus 7 (2013) . The new Nexus 7 is certainly a formidable tablet considering the amount of money you spend on it, but this does not mean it has been smooth sailing ever since it was released last month. In fact, users of the new Nexus 7 (or Nexus 7 2 as some like to call it) have reported issues concerning the tablet’s touchscreen display that seem to go all nutty, registering presses or touches even when no fingers are on the screen. A poltergeist in the room, perhaps? Apart from that, there have also been unwanted key presses registered when typing on the virtual keyboard. Google has already acknowledged the problem, and they are currently working on resolving this particular situation.

The new Nexus 7 does have issues with its touchscreen display and Google Play Store. / © Google
Apart from that, the Google Play Store has also served up its fair share of issues with the new Nexus 7, where one will be met by a “Package file is invalid” error whenever one tries to update or install apps. It has been pretty difficult trying to pin down the conditions that would replicate the problem, as it seems to pop up and disappear at random moments. Still, enough instances of this issue has occurred for Google to create a “Known issue” page for it on the Google Play support site. Right now, Google claims that they are working on a fix, but no known workarounds have yet to be issued.

While both issues would not break sales of the new Nexus 7 by a significant amount since it is not exactly a widespread issue, but they are irritating problems to have with your spanking new tablet for sure. Hopefully the software engineering deities over at Google will be able to figure out just what is wrong with the touchscreen display as well as the Play Store downloads in order to deliver a panacea as soon as possible.

Have you come across any of these issues/problems/bugs on your new Nexus 7, or are you one of the lucky ones to have walked away from it unscathed?

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