iPhone will know the smell and taste of food

With the new processor, the iPhone will soon capture the smell, taste and digitize them.A company called Adamant Technologies has designed a new type of processor for the Apple iPhone. With this processor, the iPhone will be able to capture the smell, taste and digitize them.

This will allow iPhone users to identify certain types of sensory and smartphones. This processor has more than 2000 sensor is used to determine the type of scent. Adamant Technologies will launch new chips from a factory in Austin, Texas (U.S.) and in 1 – 2 years, there will be applications designed for use with the new chip.

Also, Adamant will produce a type of accessories for Apple’s iPhone. When used with certain applications, this accessory will allow the user to check the breath smells or not, and will indicate if the user causes bad breath. Other applications, will be available to download for $ 100 or less, will allow people with diabetes to check blood sugar.


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