IPhone 5 Explodes after call

IPhone 5 Explodes after call. We have heard of the Samsung Galaxy S4 exploding in Hong Kong, burning down the owner’s apartment along the way, in addition to the iPhone allegedly electrocuting a 23-year old air stewardess to death as she answered a call while the handset was still being charged. Well, the latest mishap that involves a phone and a human that has nothing to do with a vehicular accident would be an iPhone 5 which exploded, injuring the owner’s eye in the process.

Apple is right now trying to inform customers in China on why they should avoid using third party chargers, but it has not stopped another iPhone 5 from spontaneously combusting like an exploding Death Star, although this one has nothing to do with a charger.

A woman whose family name is Li, arrived at work with her iPhone 5 in tow, and she was chatting with her friend over the course of 40 minutes or so. After feeling that the iPhone 5’s display was getting too hot for comfort, she decided to end the call, but the touchscreen failed to respond before it exploded.

Li claims that she is unable to open one of her eyes after the explosion, with debris from the exploded iPhone 5 being the most probable culprit in such a situation. The doctor who took a look at her claimed that there was a mark on her eye, which is most probably left by some material that scratched her. Not only that, her eye was red as well as inflamed. Li said that her iPhone 5 was purchased in September last year, and it did hit the floor once, leaving a tiny dent in the top right corner of the screen – the exact area where it exploded.

Apple’s after-sales service department, when approached by Da Lian Evening News, claimed that they will look into the incident, but stressed that such an explosion is normally not covered under the iPhone 5’s warranty. Hey, you might want to locate your handset right now and check for any potential defects, no?

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