8198312980_10c7e82033_tChatting on Facebook these days, has gone beyond just typing to relay messages.
Different emoticons have been introduced over the years to help users easily express their mood while chatting with friends.emoticons.jpg

But,how good will it be to use a personal image to express our feelings?
Well,here comes the great news…
It’s now possible to make use of images instead of the old-common emoticons available in the facebook chat.

In one of our previous posts,we discussed on how you can easily go offline on facebook chat without having to log-off / sign-out of facebook.
So,if you’d like to remain present on the chat,here’s a quick tip to make it more fun.

How To Use An Image As Emoticon In Facebook Chat

  1. Visit Smileytime’s homepage and navigate to Choose File.
  2. Click on it and choose a picture to upload.
    Once chosen,fill out the Captcha image and click Upload now.
  3. Next,COPY the codes displayed on the screen and PASTE it directly in the chat box.
  4. Finally,click on enter to see the image display live in the chat.

It’s as easy as that,but if you’d like to display your profile picture or any other person’s profile pics,you don’t have to go through the stress of uploading it.
All you need do is follow the simple instructions below…

How to Use A Profile Picture as Facebook Chat Emoticon

Note »
You can use this style to display not only a users profile pics, but also that of Facebook pages and groups.

So,here’s how.

  1. Visit the Profile page of the User/Page/Group which you want to use the pics.
  2. Get the Username/ID [learn how to get facebook Id(s) of facebook users]
  3. Write out the Username / ID of the user and add “[[ ]]” at the beginning and end of the username.
    E.g [[bayosola]] or [[Techfreeplanet]].
    Infact,you don’t have to be friends before you can use the person’s image
    E.G “zuck” for Mark Zuckerberg
  4. Finally, click Enter and the whole texts/numbers will be converted into an image.

So either way,you can easily use a special image instead of the regular facebook emoticons available.

Have Fun Chatting!!!.


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