How to use Pinterest to increase your site visitors

One of the fastest developing social networks is Pintersest that your can take advantage of for your business. Pinterest is graphic social network where you can share pictures or clips that your find from the Internet. The pictures or clips need to be inserted with backlink to the original site that contain them.


Use marketing support tools in Pinterest

There are some marketing support tools in Pinterest: Imarcos and Ninja Pinner.

There are some limitations with iMarcos because your account is easy to be locked by Pinterest due to too much spam.

Ninja Pinner will take your money if you want to use it. You should buy it on website:

Create an eye-catching profile

It is a waste of time if you promote your account without good content because they will never comeback to your account. Before PR your site, spend more time in creating abundant content. You can create some strategic boards on the head and tools in the bottom.

Find followers

  • Follow

In order to advertise on social networks, you need to have an account with a lot of followers.

One of the strategies is to keep following other people, they will follow you back. According to a survey taken by Giaiphapso, the percentage of back – follow in Pinterest is 10%, it means that your have 10 people follow you back when you follow 100 people.

Nowadays, Pinterest is stricter in following, so my advice is to follow 70 people a day.

  • Comment on the pin that a lot of people care.
  • Use tag on picture description, it helps the users find your picture when they need the related information.
  • Replace graphic backlink by your profile link. This activity help you increase your visitors and followers
  • Know what Pinterest’s users love. Most of the Pinterest users are women who love go shopping, eating out, making up, and taking care of pet. All of them are the hot topics so you should invest more time on them.

Replace backlink for pictures

When you have enough followers, you start inserting your website’s link into all the pictures you want to pin in Pinterest. If your website does not have any graphic share article but your keep inserting in Pinterest, your time on site will gradually decrease. Therefore, you should invest time in a picture folder in order to keep your Pinterest’ viewers.

If you have 500 followers and you pin 100 pictures everyday, you have at least 100 visits from Pinterest. This number will increase gradually so be consistent.


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