How to Update the iPhone OS using WiFi network

How to Update the iPhone OS use Wi-fi network. Apple regularly releases updates to its iPhone software in order to fix bugs and sometimes to add new features. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to make sure your iPhone is using the latest operating system by downloading updates when they become available. This article will walk you through this process, to help you achieve this critical maintenance task!

Your iPhone is Wi-Fi enabled. Wi-Fi is typically the fastest wireless network you can use to surf the Web, send e-mail, and perform other Internet tricks on the iPhone.

You use the Wi-Fi setting to determine which Wi-Fi networks are available to you and which one to use based on its signal.

Check out your Wi-Fi options.

Check out your Wi-Fi options.

Tap Wi-Fi, and all Wi-Fi networks in range are displayed. (Alternatively, you can reach this screen by tapping the General setting, tapping Network, and then tapping Wi-Fi.)

A signal strength indicator can help you choose the network to connect to if more than one is listed; tap the appropriate Wi-Fi network when you’ve reached a decision. If a network is password-protected, you’ll see a lock icon.

You can also turn the Ask to Join Networks setting on or off. Networks that the iPhone is already familiar with are joined automatically, regardless of which you choose. If the Ask feature is on, you are asked before joining a new network. If it is off, you have to manually select a network.

1. Tap the General option.

2.Tap Software Update, which should have a number encased in a filled-in circle. Available software updates are shown on this screen.

3.Tap the button link “Learn More” with a right bracket “>”directly underneath the major area to view all of the changes that are made in the iOS update.

4.Tap Install Now. You will now be asked to agree to Apple’s terms and conditions.

iphone update

5. Tap the Agree button to begin installing the update.

  • When an update is available for your iPhone, a badge appears on the Settings app’s icon
  • Your device may restart a few times. Allow it to do this.
  • You can create custom gestures from within the Accessibility section of the Settings app.
  • You can also tell if an update is available for your iPhone by plugging it into your computer. An alert will appear from iTunes notifying you of the update.
  • Wireless update with this method, will only help you update your operating system. You canupdate your iPhone apps wirelessly this way.
  • Always keep your device fully powered up. If it loses power to 0%, the update will completely stop, and you’ll have to begin from the beginning until the update is complete.

6. Notes:

  • Make sure that your iPhone is plugged in to a main power source or has more than 75% charge before beginning an update.
  • Your iPhone will turn off and restart during an update. If it does not restart after five minutes, press the power button to continue the update. A status bar will now appear on your iPhone’s screen while the update is installed.
  • Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to speed up the update process and avoid using the data allowance provided by your carrier.

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