How to Get Paid for AdSense Pay

How to Get Paid for AdSense Pay? Google’s AdSense is a free program that allows online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of content. Although it is easy to use, it is more difficult to turn these ads into a substantial profit. Read on to find out how to make the process easier.

AdSense is one of many ways to earn money from the Web. AdSense for content is a system of Google contextual ads that you can place on your blog, search engine, or Web site. Google, in return, will give you a portion of the revenue generated from these ads. The rate you are paid varies, depending on the keywords on your Web site used to generate the ads.


Pay Structure

  • Each ad displayed through AdSense pays the website publisher based on the “cost-per-click,” which is the number of website visitors who click on the ad, or the “cost-per-impression,” which is the number of times the website page is displayed to a visitor and the ad is viewed. Per-click ads are used by default, unless an advertiser has specified that it wants targeted per-impression ads placed on a website.

Another Option

  • Until August 2008, AdSense also offered website publishers the option of being paid for certain actions taken by readers, such as signing up for a program or ordering a product. This payment structure was offered through a separate program, the Google Affiliate Network.

Pay Rate

  • Google does not disclose specific data about how much revenue is shared with website publishers, but it says it aims to pay as well or better than other advertising programs. Pay rates are also determined by how much advertisers are willing to pay, with AdSense using a bidding system to choose those that are willing to pay the most. Advertisers are often willing to pay more for ad space on websites that are more likely to attract viewers who are interested in buying their products, such as those sites with relevant niche content. Google will only say, very broadly, that most publishers earn between 5 cents and $5 per 1,000 page impressions.


  • Income from Google AdSense varies dramatically among users. While many have never generated any income or made just a few dollars a month from the program, some users have made sizable incomes from it, which they can use to live on or to supplement their business.

Payment Thresholds

  • One thing to keep in mind is that AdSense only pays once cumulative revenue reaches $100 at the end of a month. The payment is then processed and sent at the end of the following month. If the AdSense account is cancelled, the threshold is lowered to $10 and paid within 90 days.


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