Helpouts is Introduced by Google

Helpouts is Introduced by Google .  This new service Google is bringing promises to help experts earn money by helping other people to do something, perhaps via video calling. The expertise on offer can vary from probably helping someone bake a cake or perhaps helping someone understand some math problems in school.

The idea is not completely new however as services like Fixya and Fiverr do exist. Perhaps Google’s reach will allow it to eclipse these other services.

Google Helpouts will use Hangouts to facilitate the communication aspect of the service since one can place video calls and also message other people using the service. The fact that Hangouts is being used for the service also means that anyone with a browser can use the service and to expand the service’s reach an Android app is also on the way. No word yet on whether there will be an iOS app for the service being released at the same time.

There are some restrictions though on the service. You can only get help from someone using the service if you are 13 or older and you can only provide help if you are 18 or older. As far as protection goes for the service, a hangout can be used for quality assurance if you opt-in for it. If you opt-out however, Google still reserves the right to record the hangout in the event that you flag the helper for abuse. Also if a customer is unhappy with the service provided then they can request a refund within 72 hours and if the provider of the help is unwilling to refund the money, Google will step in to arbitrate.

One other thing to note is that Google will get a 20% cut of whatever is being charged so they can make money off their service. Helpouts is not yet available to the mainstream public and to use it you have to get an invite from Google but who knows how long that could take?

What do you think of Google Helpouts and do you think you will be using it when it gets out to the mainstream public?

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