Heist Map in Single Player GTA

Heist Map Updates in Single Player

This mod adds the aircraft carrier and heist yacht in Single Player. It also makes all of the interiors from the High Life Update and Heist Update be avalable to be loaded with an asi script in Single Player. Another thing it does is makes the updated high end apartment exteriors load. You can enter the updated apartment lobbies, and parking garages.

Change log:
-Removed unnecessary maps.
-Double doors at Police Impound fixed
-Double doors at Rock Club fixed.
-Disapearing night lights when flying high and far away from the city should be fixed.
-Added all of the Heist Map Updates in the city. (Updated apartment exteriors with updated parking garages and lobbies which are now enterable)
-Added the updated Police Station interior.
-Interior IPL’s added:
*Original High Life Apartment interior now available.
*Updated Heist version of interiors for original High End Apartment interior, and High Life Apartment interior.
*Heist Police interior now available
*Bonus: Hidden High Life Update garage interior now available. You should be able to spawn models from it with the trainer by typing in the model name.
*NOTE: None of the interiors will actually be loaded. We need an asi to call them.
-Heist Yacht and Aircraft Carrier IPL’s avalable in Single Player.

-Rockstar Games: For creating this amazing game.
-nkjellman: Author of mod.
-TaazR: Updating Open Interiors to load the IPL’s now avalable in SP thanks to this mod.
-sjaak327: Updating the Simple Trainer with teleports to the new locations added in this mod.
-arewenotmen: Updating the Enhanced Native Trainer with teleports to the new locations added in this mod.
-Alexander Blade: Creator of Script Hook V.
-Open IV team: Creating Open IV, and enabling RPF editing.
-PursuitForceS: For helping me find a door which was blocking acess to the 4 Integrity Way Apartment lobby.
-All of those who support the mod: For encuraging me by liking, downloading and posting videos of it.

NOTE: Due to the large download size of this mod, the download on here features a link to the actual download which is about 1.4 GB. The way that I had to get the Carrier and Yacht to actually load in SP required me to put the files with Rockstar’s patch files. To avoid a complex install, I wanted to keep it easy for people to install.

Download and review :

Heist Map Updates in Single Player – GTA V Map