Since the decent of Rockstar games in 1998, the scripts mod in all their games have been mind-blowing, particularly in GTA 5 the scripts mod has have made the game even more interesting.


One of these script mods is that of incredible hulk script. Don’t like roaming around and flying here and there in the metal suit of iron man in the Ironman mod? Don’t worry this incredible hulk script has got you covered. If you don’t like flying around, then you might like making others fly around. This incredible hulk script mod lets you destroy everything in your path by giving you a chance to be the mighty hulk. A simple punch would be enough to make people, as well as vehicles, fly far away from you.


Need GTA 5 to be more realistic? When you are bored you start driving in a straight line while following all the rules of the game? Such as stopping at all the traffic lights. Well GTA fuel script mod will add a more realistic touch to your game by adding fuel capability in all of the vehicles in grand theft auto 5. Now you won’t be able to travel around in your car infinitely without any consequences. You will have a fuel tank now and it will deplete as you travel across the open world of grand theft auto V. Now you will have to keep an eye on the fuel bar that is displayed on your screen. Make sure you keep your car refueled from a petrol station before a robbery as no one would want their fuel to end in a high-speed police chase.maxresdefault (1)

Sometimes you might have thought of finding a legit way of making money in GTA 5. Trucking Missions script gives you this opportunity. This script gives you your own trucking office and you have six different big-rig driving jobs to complete. Some of them need you to complete in a limited amount of time while others need you to focus on delivering the cargo with as little damage as possible.

maxresdefault (2)

In almost all the series of grand theft auto games, radio stations have played a great role in providing entertainment. However, there is a drawback that you are not able to play it unless you are inside a vehicle or in one of your houses. With mobile radio script, you can listen to your favorite tunes wherever you want.


Have you ever shot cars in grand theft auto V? The car cannon script lets you do it. Wondering it was possible before too? By shooting cars I mean replacing bullets with automobiles and firing a stream of cars and trucks of all kinds. Don’t be surprised because there are many more awesome mods that are made especially for grand theft auto 5.


JulioNIB’s Dragons V script mod is the most sophisticated and fun mod among its predecessors. You are able to breathe fire, snatch pedestrians, fly and much more!

These are only a handful of script mods for GTA V, there are a lot more out there.

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