GTA 5 funny

There are many fun things happening in the open world of Grand Theft Auto 5. There are many unexpected things that one can’t even imagine happen and are a source of utmost fun.
There were many funny things that I was able to experience in GTA V, I will start with Franklin. Franklin calls 911 for emergency services and an ambulance comes from nowhere in the air and lands upon his head instantly killing him, doing the opposite of what it is actually made for.
Another one is driving a car in a street full of people. Killing all coming in the way. However, there is a man who doesn’t even move when the car hits him. It’s like he is a solid pole or something in between the road that makes the car stop forcefully.

GTA 5 funny
Another funny thing that you can experience in Grand Theft Auto 5 is becoming a shark and exploring the waters. Just go to the beach, jump in the water. At the bottom, there is a bag full of some magical stones, after eating them you will become a sea animal. In the first attempt, I was concerted to a dolphin, which was actually pretty bad in eating other sea creatures. In the second attempt, I was converted into a manta ray that I really hate. In the third attempt, I was transformed into a hammerhead shark finally. I actually tried eating people who were swimming there but that never happened. Whenever I imagined the person in front being ripped to shreds the shark missed it. This funny creature with eyes located at the corner of its head made me laugh hard when it got stuck on the shore.

GTA 5 funny 2
Another really funny scene was when I approached a lady on the beach and told her that my name is Trevor. When I asked her that what was her name she jumped off the railing and into the sea. Giving a really awkward and kind of funny feeling.
I had a fighter jet and was trying to land it on a road. I mistakenly hit a pole nearby, however, I landed successfully. That pole fell on the jet resulting in a blast and killing me.
I was traveling in a helicopter really high in the skies. I planned to jump off the helicopter just for experiencing what it would be like to use the parachute. After a moment, I jumped off my helicopter, the helicopter fell on me in the sky while I was trying to open the parachute. Hence killing me really bad.

GTA 5 funny 3
Franklin was trying to shoot a fighter jet. While aiming he didn’t notice the jet was actually approaching him. Instead of shooting down the jet he himself gets killed when the jet lands on him.
These are only a small amount of funny moments that happened in grand theft auto V. There are tremendous amounts of new and funny things happening every day in the open world of GTA 5 so don’t stop exploring.

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