Gammabright Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.8.9/1.7.10 – Brightness Minecraft

Gammabright Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.8.9/1.7.10 is an advanced brightness/fullbright mod for Minecraft. Gammabright Mod allows the game’s brightness slider to be overhauled, allowing for clear as day nights, fully lit caves, and crystal clear underwater views. Requries: LiteLoader Minecraft


Gammabright Mod

How to control:

This section will simply explain how to use and control Gammabright.

Tap G (default) to toggle Gammabright on and off. Default brightness is 1500% (MAX).

  • If on, sneaking and toggling again will hide/show “Gammabright: ????%” text.

Hold the right arrow key to increase Gammabrights brightness by 10% per tick.

  • If sneaking at the same time, brightness will increase by 20% per tick.
  • Note: Max brightness is limited to 1500%, any value higher has no noticeable effect.

Hold the left arrow key to decrease Gammabrights brightness by 10% per tick.

  • If sneaking at the same time, brightness will decrease by 20% per tick.
  • Note: Minimum brightness is limited to -500%, there is really no point to go any lower.

Tap the down arrow key to reset Gammabrights brightness to default (1500%).

  • If already at the default or at a negative value, brightness will set to 0%.

Tap the up arrow key to temporarily show the brightness indicator

  • If sneaking at the same time, setting will keep indicator always visible while mod is enabled

All keybindings for Gammabright can be changed in the “Controls” menu just like any other keybinding.
For further customization, see “Configuration” below.




(config located at “.minecraftliteconfigcommongammabright.json”)

Information supplied here applies to LiteLoader versions of Gammabright ONLY.
Start Minecraft at least once with Gammabright installed if file is not present.

brightnessValueDefault: 15.0 (1500%)
Brightness value Gammabright will set to by default. At the default of 15.0, everything is lit up to its max. Anything lower begins to cause blocks and entities to darken (though it may not always be noticeable). If you’d prefer a lower brightness as the default, feel free to decrease this value to your preferred setting. (FYI: 0.0 = “Moody”, 1.0 = “Bright”) Note: Must be between brightness limits of -5.0 and 15.0.

incrementDefault: 0.1 (10%)
Amount the arrow keys adjust the brightness by per tick.

increment_sneakDefault: 0.2 (20%)
Amount the arrow keys adjust the brightness by per tick (while sneaking).

textPosX Default: 4
The distance right the brightness text is from the left border of the window (x-axis).

textPosY Default: 4
The distance down the brightness text is from the top border of the window (y-axis).

hideText Default: false
Whether or not the brightness text should be hidden by default.

autoEnable Default: false
Whether or not Gammabright should enable automatically every world load.

checkUpdate Default: true
Enable for Gammabright to check for an update on first world load. Disable if you want to ignore this.


  • Now running LiteLoader for greater stability.
  • Overhaul your in-game brightness with the tap of a key
  • Watch your brightness grow via the on-screen brightness indicator
  • Quickly adjust your brightness using the arrow keys
  • Customize Gammabright even further via its config file (see Configuration)
  • Never suffer through the darkness of night again!
  • See clearly while mining in dark caves, ravines, and caverns
  • Spot your enemy faster while engaging in PVP
  • Assist your viewers by giving your videos a brightness boost
  • Spot those pesky mobs before they see you…

FYI: The brightness percentage that is shown on screen when the mod is enabled is in sync with the percentage that the brightness slider shows.

Download and readmore: Gammabright Mod

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