Gameconfig for limitless vehicles gta 5

About traffic density; if you choose the gta base traffic its same gta 5 traffic but you can add how many cars you want.Start with 1x taffic more vehicles on road choose whichever you want for your taste.

I added 3 version of traffic density; less, medium and heavy traffic.
And Remove the dispatch meta because its world of varietys dispatch file so if you want it you can download World of Variety i recommend it.

Now bikes don’t get out of memory error.And Kizacudo’s 83 Bikes Add-On Compilation Pack compatible.

Changelog V3.0 :Now its stable tested straight 13 hours its an acceptable time for a game which is changed mods. Im little tired this time 4 days in a row i try to make this stable and now im not say %100 but %90 stable and its important percentage by the way its a final update until the next gta dlc. Thanks for your supports i hope its works for you too. Enjoy!

For the vehicle variation :

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\settings open it than change this line like this :
PedVarietyMultiplier value=”2.000000″
VehicleVarietyMultiplier value=”2.000000″

Download and review :

Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles – Gta 5 gameconfig all version