Galaxy Note 3 Battery Spotted

Galaxy Note 3 Battery Spotted. We have seen our fair share of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaks in the past, regardless of whether they are images or benchmarks, and here we are with yet another leak of the alleged Galaxy Note 3 – albeit from a different angle, where it shows off a rather large battery of unknown power capacity. I guess a little bit of patience is needed, since September 4th is when all will be revealed concerning the Galaxy Note 3.

While numerous photo leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has happened in the past, none of them did enough to show off the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 design in a clear and accurate manner. Perhaps what has been seen so far are nothing but prototypes as with the case above, or the handset could even be shielded in an external case to turn any hot trails cold, but one thing’s for sure – the handset is coming, and the excitement’s mounting.

Webtrek were the ones behind this leaked image, where it displayed a now familiar boxy Galaxy Note 3 look. It remains to be seen just how much capacity is this battery going to be able to hold, but hopefully it will be a step up from the Galaxy Note 2, since the Galaxy Note family of smartphones are notorious power guzzlers considering their screen size and multi-tasking capability.

Other than that, the latest rumors surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 would include Android 4.3 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice, instead of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Just make sure you have Android Device Manager running on your brand new Galaxy Note 3 to keep track of the device!

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