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Free Card Games for Android. If you are like me, card games have a been a big part of growing up: during those blistery nights in Canada playing Hearts with my family, with friends playing Poker until 5 AM for a 5 dollar buy-in, procrastinating on doing homework with one game of solitaire after another…every new step of my life has brought a new game. Today, I will present you with the best free card game apps for your Android.

The luck of the game right on your smartphone. 

Governor of Poker 2

While perusing through Google Play for something interesting to pop up, I ”stumbled” acrossGovernor of Poker 2, a mix between an RPG and card game app, which got me hooked straight away. Not a poker shark by any means, this game offered me just the right amount of offline free card playing. When starting up the app, you’ll choose yourself a cartoon cowboy or cowgirl character and a name (I chose Cletis, the best wrangler name I could think of) and set forth in the Wild Western town of El Paso. You can move your little buckeroo around town to talk to various people, visit the bank or go to the train station where he can travel to Amarillo, San Angelo, Austin and other cities from ‘when the West was won’! Each city will presents new tournaments and cash games for the chance to win more money and gain a local reputation.

Half RPG, half poker game: Governor of Poker 2 has you step into the the world of cowboys and saloons.  

Within in the actual poker game, you can tap on each character to see how many chips they have, what they’ve bet and their rank. On the top right corner, you’ll find ‘Poker Hands’ in Texas Hold’em, Top 8 overview and last result. Back in the town’s 3D map, tapping on the town name on the bottom right corner will get the locomotive in gear and you can choo-choo your way to another city. Your mission: show the governor that Poker isn’t just a game of chance. Governor of Poker 2 comes with a how-to-play tutorial for Texas Hold-em, as well as the option for ”Quick Poker”. I quite enjoyed the hick banter, harmonica country music and the Western environment, a good recommendation for Poker and Western-movie lovers alike!

UNO & Friends

The best card game that I love for camping is UNO. Here, it must be played when connecting to Wi-Fi or with your mobile data though, since it is a multiplayer game. Though UNO & Friends a free game, it does include some irritating in-app purchases. To be able to play with friends, you first need to connect via Facebook or Google+. However, choosing ‘not now’ will bring you to the page for creating your avatar and get you playing against random people over the internet, while first being presented with the option to learn how to play. When the game is underway, you’ll see a mix of your opponents’ uploaded pics or other created avatars. There’s a limited amount of time per turn, so you need to play before the green bar disappears. Skipping over, changing directions and giving other players +4 cards turned out to be quite fun and there’s even an in-game chat. Other players can request to play with you and you’ll receive hints throughout (unless you turn them off) on how to improve your score.

In Uno & Friends, you can interact with your opponents, send them gifts and try to win in order to rank in the leaderboard. Taking too long on a turn will automatically draw a card for you. 

Other than the options to play, create a game or check out the leaderboards, the main screen includes your total number of points, tokens and coins, the shopping cart for in-app purchasing, the option to share with your own friends and settings. The developer is Gameloft, who we know from games like Iron Man 3 and Epic Battle for Moonhaven HD. The settings give you access to customer care, music, sound, instructions and languages (Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, German, French and more). I found this game super easy to operate right from the get-go and I really appreciated the fact that this game is popular among others, giving me many opportunities to play with people from around the world. An extra thumbs up for the nice design, friendly UNO colors throughout and great user interface. Sadly, a thumbs down for in-app video ads.

Solitaire Deluxe

Back when I had no internet at home, a good game from my Desktop Home Games was Solitaire. When coming across Solitaire Deluxe in Google Play, my curiosity arose when I saw how many people loved this game and had left positive feedback. The main menu presents a clear overview of options to start playing, the rewards store, info and settings, sharing to Facebook and more games created by the developer. Your accumulated amount of coins is displayed in the top right corner. Choosing ”Play” brings you to a new screen with the choice of either resuming a game which is underway, or checking out the ”Daily winnable deals” and ”Solitaire Arcade”. ”Daily winnable deals” will present you with the chance to win more coins with solitaire variations, like Klondike, Pyramid, Tri-peaks and more. Your achievements can be logged in the leaderboard where you can compare your winnings with other players enjoying this game.

Solitaire Deluxe is more than just boring game of cards, it offers a bunch of other games to keep you occupied.  

Back to the ”Play” menu, ”Solitaire Arcade” presents the options of playing different types of Solitaire like ”Klondike”, ”Yukon”, ”Golf”, ”Canfield”, ”Russian”, ”the Harp”, ”Poker”, as well as other games like Spider and Vanishing Cross, just to name a few. Each game comes with a tutorial and once in the game, you’re able to pause and undo moves. As an added challenge, the longer you take, the more the points will be reduced. Card games stand the test of time and Solitaire is no different: here’s a game that will occupy you during the long, boring commute home. My only peeve: the integrated ads and popups.

Hearts Free

Hearts, another seemingly mindless game, isn’t so easy once you get started: here you’re thrown up against four different, selectable computer players, each boasting various levels of difficulty. In the Hearts Free, the players lay down a card, the person with the highest card will win the ”trick”, meaning all 4 cards on the table. By strategically playing, you want to avoid collecting any hearts or the Queen of Diamonds, since these will count against you: the lower your score, the better. Even those who don’t know how to play can easily figure out the game, as it will shadow out the cards which you can’t play, highlighting those you can.

Don’t know how to play Hearts? Hearts Free offers a good tutorial and helps you out throughout the game. You can even ”undo” when you’ve made a mistake. 

The rule settings can be altered either to playing to 50, 100 or 150 depending on how long the game should last, the card passing either always left, alternating or off and finally, either switching the Jack of Diamonds rule on or off. The menu presents other games by the developer, save & quit, stats and a tutorial on how to play, while app settings found by tapping on the wrench icon allow you to change the game controls and even the background. Once in the actual game, it runs smoothly and simply and other than the menu and undo buttons, Hearts Free presented no extra added features to fiddle around with: hats off for some good old card gaming fun, reminiscent of early 2000’s PC playing days.

Taking the time to test and write about every good card game app that exists would take eons, but here are four good ones to get you started and in my personal opinion, the better ones I’ve seen. Test them out yourself, all are quick downloads, though it’s recommended to do this when connected to Wi-Fi.

Do you know of any cool card game apps? Let us know if you like any of these that we’ve talked about today.

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